Apple Impersonating Weston's Pepper No. 30

by H Julie

apple impersonating westons pepper no lovingston see h julie

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Published: Thursday 17th of January 2008 04:35:51 PM


Julie H
Thank you Meir. I did this for a lark, but it was actually very educational. The process of copying made me look more closely at the original than I ever would have. -Julie

Julie H
Dan, Thank you. Even though Photoshop is my creative home, I feel the same way as you do about most of the more heavily manipulated images that I see coming out of it. It is my hope that this is a temporary phase. Manually making pictures is very different from photography -- and I think it's going to take time, first for more people to realize this, and second for them to develop the skill set needed to rework the light and shapes into a coherent final image. -Julie

Dan Kapsner
A witty take on Weston's famous pepper, with a sly nod to his nudes in the form of buttocks on the lower right hand portion of the object. While I am not generally fond of a lot of PS manipulation, yours has a certain vitality that makes it rise above much of the technical legerdermain I see. Technical ability alone is not enough, but as you have shown, digital manipulation can be very artistic when combined with a playful sense of history and wit.

Julie H
Thanks Les! -Julie

Les Berkley
All right, it's hysterical. You can't match Weston's tonalities (who can?) and you didn't use a funnel, but it's still spot-on and funny.

Laurent-Paul Robert
hillarious and extremely well done !

Meir Samel
Pepper Before I looked at the title even I thought Weston's Pepper. Your tones might be even better but he did it first but you did it with an apple I presume. It is a shame you cannot show him. I think he'd be proud

Aaron Falkenberg
Some form of copying, according to Kant, is a stepping stone towards genius.

Julie H
Thank you, Laurent-Paul and Aaron. -Julie

Julie H
Apple Impersonating Weston's Pepper No. 30 Made from a Fuji apple and a steel mixing bowl. And Photoshop.

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