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Published: Thursday 17th of January 2008 12:15:15 PM


Alberto Quintal
Beautiful!!! Alberto

John Peri
Hy Joe ... the cigarettes more often than not are just props ... that being said, the French do smoke a lot. It's forbidden now in public places since Jan 2nd. So people sit outside the cafes and restaurants in the freezing cold and smoke. Sales of Aspirin and sore throat medication I imagine have more than compensated for any loss in sales of cigarettes!

Janusz Taras
Very good composition John.

Rakesh Syal
Great mood and capture here, John!! Regards!

John Peri
I agree John, that curtain is a nuisance. I guess I could try to remove it if I find the patience ... .. and here a "backstage" shot ...

John Peri
... you are not taking photos now she asked? ... just a couple I replied ..

Andrew Ferguson
She is SMOKIN'! John, I couldn't resist. I, too, like the suspender crossing in front-middle in the pre-shots. This is a good shot, though, with her looking directly at the viewer, taunting maybe. Very nice. The wisp of smoke lets me know she is truly smoking and I love the skull bandana. All in all, well done! fergi

Les Berkley
I like her, and the pose is very good. The cigarette is a distraction; too white, and posed a bit awkwardly. I get the metaphor, but I don't think the execution is spot on. I think the cig works better in the other shots you show.

Jim Phelps
John, The point of view and the facial expression are great. They give the impression she is really letting loose. Jim Phelps

Simon Butterworth
Beautiful, in so many way! Simon

John Peri
Thanks .. yes, passive smoking. Glad to receive your sympathy.

John Peri
Portrait .. a couple of days before taking her end of school exams .. and yes, she was 18 !

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