by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled ambarawa canon eos rebel xt ef f ii light prakarsa rarindra

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Category: Abstract

Published: Sunday 13th of January 2008 03:20:31 PM


Walter Tatulinski
Good Mood... nicely constructed digital image! In addition to the compositing your use of the AutoFX Mystical Light Photoshop plug-in is very accomplished. All of your other work seems to be using both the Light Caster and the Mist effects of this plug-in. Here, it appears that you are not using the Light Caster. Are there any other effects from this plug-in that you are incorporating in this creation?

A few small points to consider, I feel that the flying book between the cow and the tree could use a stronger shadow. Reducing some of the mist effect on the cow's head would place him in a more believable plane with repect to the boy. Also, the abrubt ending of the cow's tether at the tree is a bit disconcerting. Otherwise, very nice composite image! Regards.

Estevao Lafuente

AmirAli Sharifi
Dear Rarindra, Your photos are great, they have a nice mood according to their special lighting, but after seeing a lot of your work, it gets kind of stereo typical for me, but it does not mean your work is not lovely. you work is really great. this photo is different from others. I like its abstract feeling which was not (or I have not seen) in your past work. keep up the good work.

Ben Goossens
super well done:-))

Irina Todorova

Rarindra Prakarsa
Many thanks everyone...no special plug-in here.

Marc Epstein
From the background to the future, hope will always be and never out of our reach. Very thoughtful image. Best /Marc

Roy Lohr
This is better than wonderful. What a touching, sensitive, and esoteric image. Thank you so much for creating it.

Johannes Go

Iryna Smolych
Amazing image! I like tone!

Gerolamo Romano
great shot 6/6

Cambon Jean Louis
hello ! WOW ! very nice shoot !!

Andrea Allison
Fantastic!!! Wonderful work! Kind Regards Andrea

Raif Tulga
hi -More Than Excellent shot.

Birte Ragland
Fantastic piece of work.

Andrew Piotrowski
It is a wonderful image great magic and mood propagates through the entire scene. Very well done. To Walter ? cow?s tether does not end abruptly. It goes behind the tree and in front again. Look at the bottom of the tree.

Airi Pung
Sensational !!!! Very interesting and creative ? great work.

Lubos Bednarik
Excelent, excelent, excelent. Idea, and ... everything

Dianne Owen
The flying books make a great statement, this hangs together to tell a whole story in it's self. Di

Paul Gresham
Different things to different people I like this image very much. For me, the books represent knowledge and the future. The cow represents the present and short past of the boy. The boy represents the tough decisions that we all must face many times during our lives, to move forward or are we content where we are. Thankyou for sharing this. I'm not sure there's much I could add by way of critique.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Thank you friends. Gresham: 7/7 for you.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Hope Many thanks for your time.

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