Devil's Claw

by Connealy Mike

devils claw connealy mike

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Published: Sunday 7th of April 2002 06:05:12 AM


Afsar Saranli
Nice shot. Beautiful composition. What are these?

Teresa P Pelaez
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 I love that type of image , before I thought that photography was based on pretty flowers, landscapes and pretty faces , but now everything is different, and I enjoy everything. nice job.

Mike Connealy
devil's claw The picture is fanciful; the seed pod of the devil's claw poses no danger to itself and little to other organisms. I photographed the pods against a white background and then inverted to the negative image.
   The devil's claw plant looks like a squash or gourd, with rather drab yellow flowers and a green elongated fruit. As the fruit dries, the skin splits and forms into the characteristic horns which are very strong and springy. The horns, in conjunction with a row of spines running the length of the pod form a perfect snare, naturally engineered to wrap around the foot of large hooved animals which become the transporters of the seeds of the devil's claw.

Anton Dan
What a frightful weapon! I wonder what's the purpose of this stingy thing in nature.

Simon Parker
Beautiful composition and lighting. Great folder too. Your Jem Jnr presentation is really good too, it makes me wish I had shot some film with my Kodak Brownie before I turned it into a pinhole camera.

Brad Kim
Beautiful image with great composition. It was nice to know that you inverted the image. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Michael Werneburg

This is wonderfully arranged. You've made these seed pods look to two alien creatures huddling in conference. Well done.

Therese Löfgren
So many very nice images in your folders!! Thanks for showing them!

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