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Published: Friday 11th of January 2008 02:27:36 PM


Michael Sebastian
John, don't you have any un-photogenic friends? :)

Allan Kirby
An Admirer A previous posting raises an interesting point. John, I have long admired your subtle use of flash and composition. But when every shot is of a stunningly beautiful woman it is hard to compare the photographer to us mere mortals.

Chris Panagiotidis
A visual poem At your usual high standards. Very nice capture of a natural expression

Jim Phelps
John, Her smile and her eyes make this image! She really looks to be a lover of life. On the compositional side, I really like the contrast here, it works well with the B&W and with the model's hair. Congratulations to you both. Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
Lovely!!! excellent pose and model, John, this smile is perfect. cheers. Alberto

Tore Nilsson
I love the play between the models curves and the strait linens in the environment. Great contrast and a great looking model too. Cheers Tore

Massimo Santoni
Magnifica! love her smile!

Joe Gallagher
She is your basic stunner! Killer smile, eyes that speak. Beautiful pose. You give so much more depth and dimension to b/w. Thanks to both of you.

James Baeza
Aside from her beautiful and expressive face, the roundness of both her shoulder and her breast compliment each other nicely. Good composition with the small triangle of dark space between them. Her hand finishing out the the bottom of the frame is a nice touch as well. Lovely portrait.

John Peri
Thank you Harald, and you are very welcome.

Bill Symmons
Lovely portrait John. Everything works. Beautiful. My compliments yet again, Bill

Harald M├╝mmler
most enviable would like to have such friends to ... ;-) I am here (on photo.net) for about one month, and in this short time i saw many fotos from you. I find your work verry interesting and inspiring to engage a little more in making photos. best regards Harald PS: I am NO photographer and my motherlanguage is NOT english - but i think u checked this already.

Atanu Ghosh
beautiful smile...very seductive...

Alon Eshel
Beautiful natural capture . She got such a lovely sweet smile

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Absolutely gorgeous, John - that smile makes the whole day brighter! Beautiful work.

John Peri

Thank you. I did lots of photos of her in the exact context that you descibe .. several of them are in fact dispersed throughout my portfolio .. thanks again for passing by, John

C.J. Gault


The model is very charming, I love the smile and the eyes. . a tac sharp image for sure

The only thing I would've done different would have been a different setting. . maybe a walk in closet or a master bed/bath suite or something. I'm a fan of candid's and I think would've looked somewhat more natural. Otherwise a fantastic image for sure,

John Peri
Portrait of a friend .. ..

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