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Published: Thursday 10th of January 2008 12:13:32 PM


John Peri
Thank you all. Thank you Vittorio also for your detailed analysis.

Steffen Drache
Fine work, once again, her beauty, her look, the whole expression...

Michael Meneklis
Very nice composition. I like very much the door and window bg.

Rodrigo Canellas
I know nothing about nude, but I miss the rest of her left leg. Apart from that, she really looks very natural, like waking up from a snap... 8)

John Peri
Ha ha .. thank you, that is very generous. Frankly, my backgrounds often dominate me more than the other way around, but then it is probably true of my models too :-) I think I just have an easy going style and don't give too much attention to surroundings. After all, they are usually quite suitable where they are in real life, and we do live with them also, so I usually just let them be. Thank you very much for passing by. Needless to say, I have always thought some of your work outstanding.

James Baeza
Simple beauty wonderfully captured.

Bodyline Photos
John,I agree with Florian. I am a great fan of your work. The locations you shoot in are always full of detail behind the model which most of us try to defocus,exclude so as not to intrude on the shape or form of the expected image. You on the other hand seem to make the most of the backgrounds or completely disregard them. In this shot for instance the window edge rising vertically and horizontally away from the model would have to go if I had taken a shot like this, but it works. Perhaps us mere mortals try to perfect the framing and miss the shot.wonderful work

Rakesh Syal
Simply Elegant!! Love those tones, John!! Warm regards! Rakesh

florian r.
i dont know anybody who directs simple elegance into nudity as well as you John.

John Peri
Thank you Florian, I appreciate that. Kudos to the remarkably graceful model too.

Alberto Quintal
Another splendid work,John. Alberto

Michael S. Maddox
John, I love the honest, simple elegance of this photo... the model's pose, her candor toward the camera or viewer, the lighting and certainly the tonality... all so beautiful. I do kind of wish it was cropped to a square format... the composition just seems made for it. It would be very interesting to see it in color, also. It's a beautiful photograph... very well-done! Best wishes, -Michael

Vittorio Pellazza
I think this image is meaningful of your style . Three elements: expression of face; expression of body; and environment. The first is the more important and necessary spontaneous, others have to reject this shots missing the original mix with body. The body is always of wonderful models who knows to pose very professionally. Environment is another element to create a heavy real taste in these photos. Obviously great technique (lights, composition, etc. ) is always there and erotic taste is always fine. Hope not to be too long... :) 7/7

Atanu Ghosh
very seductive...not sure whether you should have placed her on the right 1/3rd of the frame instead of middle.

Alon Eshel
I really like the composition and posing . Gives a feeling of lazy / slow time

John Peri
Study ..

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