Patagonia Storm Clouds

by Downs Jim

patagonia storm clouds sony zoom alpha dslr a np paine del torre downs jim

Gallery: Latin America - Chile - Patagonia & Torres del Paine NP

Tags: sony zoom 45-5675-300 sony alpha dslr a-100 np paine del torres clouds patagonia storm seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 9th of January 2008 11:39:23 AM


Devon Derksen
I think this photo has a lot more drama potential than it is currently showing. A little more contrast and maybe even some dodging and burning on those clouds could really make this shot 'say' much more than it currently is.

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Nice shot, GJ - beautiful shapes and blues. But, yes, some playing with the levels and/or dodging could really make this one pop out. I might also be tempted to eliminate the water in the foreground. Regards, Barb :)

Jim Downs
Patagonia Storm Clouds Torres del Paine NP

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