JP F54

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Saturday 6th of April 2002 11:47:35 AM


John Peri
The hand ... creeping up on her ... was positioned there on purpose!

Alberto Conde
8 and 9 Pity the misterious hand. Otherwise perfect and beautiful!

Hank Meitus
Is that an alien hand on the left? It looks like the woman is in danger from a mysterious sci-fi threat! Of course, I suppose it could be something less sinister - like a glove - but alien was what popped into my head first. It's an intersting composition either way.

Greg Valladolid
Lovely pose.

Hank Meitus
I finally get it! What I first "saw" as pillows behind the model is actually another figure. I guess that shoots the whole alien hand theory. I'm thinking you are deviously clever John!

Timur Atalay
I think this is the best picture in the folder. Good pose and composition...

Michael Castellano
The best shot in this folder. I love the composition and the soft lighting works very well.

Brian Peterson
Once again, this is another great pose. I like how the hair incircles her face. It keeps her face darker than the rest of her skin. I am not sure the mood this image is trying to capture. Is she disapointed? Is she looking at something? Is she thiking? Is she spaced out? It makes you wonder what is on her mind.

John Peri
.... did you see the "hand" creeping up on her ..!

avi das
That painting in the background adds so much more to the photograph. A very thoughful choice.

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