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Published: Friday 4th of January 2008 08:34:25 PM


Donn Dobkin
John, Another vote for the cropped version, I think it's more intimate. They are both good though, this is a really great moment. Again :)

John Peri
taken just a few days ago actually ... it was yesterday I put it on the computer, I'm going gagga .. :-) anyway, best wishes to all !

Przemyslaw Walocha
I agree with Ricardo:))) The sofa gives me some backgroud to stick to:))) Anyway both versions are interesting.

Atanu Ghosh
excellent expression an tones. but think the photo is a bit grainy.

Ioannis Lukas
Get maried John before.. the sooner the better,she is lovely and it seems that it is for you she is lovely att the moment... hurry upp!! 77/77

Ricardo Alberto Maciel
Hi John: Good Portrait, I prefer the wide crop perhaps a litle bit to the left. Beautifull girl!! Regards Ricardo

John Peri
I wonder if a tighter crop is interesting .. ?

Julie Cain
Very lovely and photogenic model here.

Anca Cernoschi
i like the cropped one ;) i am not allowed to give you a 7 :(

Alberto Quintal
John Lovely!!! 7/7 Alberto

Ghulam Yasin
Lovely... 7/7

Robert Farnham
What a beautiful face!! I like the tighter crop, and would be tempted to pull even closer.

Stephen Solomon
This model has a very sexy smile! She's not really smiling, but her mouth is, relaxed,... sexy! Love the candidness of this shot. Hands, fingers, eye lashes, hair, skin, pillows ... all of it makes the picture. John's lighting helps a little too, hmph hmph yeah! She's beautiful!!!!! and you depicted her so!!!!!!

John Peri
Thank you all. She will be pleased too

Michael Meneklis
Very expressive and beautiful girl.

Haig Tchamitch
Definitely the cropped version.. Her expression, and pose don't need the distraction of the larger frame. Beautiful shot.

Antony Glaser
Realism Great Black and white photograph. Everyone is so right, tone, light, plus the fabulous natural black hair of the model.The larger picture is superior, the cropped one lessens the good points.

Mark Crowley
Great work Simple but highly effective

Antonio Bassi
Dear John, this is a masterpiece, the girl's personality is all there: sweet, sexy, intriguing, smart, rebel, captivating, funny. Great timing. I love the confidence she has in front of your lens. The cut you posted doesn't work, it's too tight and "airless". Beautiful B&W tones. Maybe it needs a bit more exposure on the face, but it will be difficult to improve this perfect shot. All the best

John Peri
Ha, thank you Antonio .. I see all the same qualities in the photo as you do ... :-)

John Peri
Taken yesterday ... .. after dark

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