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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Thursday 3rd of January 2008 07:14:08 PM


Alon Eshel
I don't fined it dramatic , I see it as having fun :) A good mood betwin working model and camera

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful happy time, lovely model, John. Alberto

John Peri
Thanks. Ha ha ... well, it's really two photos Steve! Yes, these are fun moments shared with the models .. help to create the right atmosphere. But she was probably making fun of me here though ..! I'm in fact starting a new backstage folder and will transfer others here too. This is among my favourite types of work .. many thanks to all for passing by ..

Jim Phelps
John, She appears to be enjoying herself. This appears to be incredibly unstaged and spontaneous. Jim

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Nice moments in two frames. Photographycally its very simple, but it do reflects the association, the spirit, the bond with a photographer and a model. And its priceless. . . . . .

David McCracken
Spot the differences... Yes John! Sometimes it's good to just have fun! This reminds me of these puzzles you see in the newspaper... spot the ten differences.

Chad Mulcahy
John I absolutely love your work. I'm curious what is your favorite lens to use when for glamor shots and portraits?

John Peri
That's exactly what it's all about of course .. plus the fun moment of course, never to be repeated .. thank you Kaushik.

Allan Kirby
Playful I think this is the only time I have seen a "Larger" button on your postings. Great way to start off the new year John. Congratulations - nice work.

Steve Ward
Indeed, it is the less serious moments when your talent for bringing out the best in the model is best displayed. It's the fun that you are having that you are so great at portraying, and that so often sets your work apart. These are great examples.

Yves Pichon
Very dynamic. Start of a movie? Cheers. Yves P.

Michael S. Maddox
Hi John, and Happy New Year to you! I really like this playful sequence. It's very charming... just makes you smile. I'm looking forward to seeing more in your "backstage" folder. Best wishes! -Michael

Tanya Truong
John,.. You have stayed true to your philosophy in photography "capturing the fleeting moment that can never be repeated again." Wishing you a new year filled with these fun, spontaneous moments...everyday ;o).

Anca Cernoschi
i love your 'backstage' photos so natural and always playful ;)

Vittorio Pellazza
Beautiful dynamic and funny atmosphere. Perhaps I prefer the first "stolen" expression. Congrats as always.

John Peri
Backstage .. bed games ... I don't know how serious we were about taking photos at this particular instance, but these are good moments ...

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