JP F44

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 5th of April 2002 11:04:31 AM


Luca Baldassarre
I dont know, i dont feel totally at ease with the face cut like you did, but i cannot verbalize my discomfort :|

John Peri
Like in all the other pictures in this portofolio, I was trying to concentrate on body form and composition.

Leica Virgin
I don't find it disturbing like it is - actually, the face would distract the viewer from the form of her curves I think. I love these B+W images, and I think she is beautiful, even though I can't see her face!

Kit Courter
Is it my eye, or is the depth of focus in this very narrow and set on her behind? It helps this become an abstract shape. Unusual approach, but the soft focus on the breast bothers my eye. Consequently, I don't find this a pleasing as the other pictures in your portfolio. Generally I find you pictures well thought out and executed.

John Peri
Thank you for your comment Kit.

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