JP F42

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 5th of April 2002 10:44:10 AM


Dow Morris
Interesting, just one little suggestion. Hi, very interesting, almost gives a three-dimensional effect. Just one suggestion: maybe the pubic area should be put into shadow along the hair line in the same way that it is done around the rest of the body. It would be a subtle thing, but perhaps effective. If you try it (say, in Photoshop), let me know. Sincerely,

Dow Morris
This is my farvorite nude on this site. This is my farvorite nude on this site, at least of those not made to look like a painting. I can't believe no one else is commenting on it. It's just about perfect. Don

Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Whose Hands I like the fact that we don't know who the hands belong to. The automatic assumption is that they are the hands of the model but when you look a bit longer you are not so certain! Did you mean it like this when you created the image?

John Peri
I musn't tell you, or then you will know the answer and it may spoil the effect for you! Best wishes, John

Keith Smith
JP F42 Nice, nice, photo John, agreed that this is an outstanding photo overall. The B&W versus color makes it such a classic look. By the way, when I first viewed, the model's right hand seemed just slightly off a logical placement. So...just how did you snap the shot and get your hand(s) into the picture at the same time(smile)! Nice job with the background. I'm only novice photographer but sense that even a professional would offer high marks to this, as well as the majority of your portfolio. Thanks so much. Keith

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