JP F35

by Peri John

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Published: Friday 5th of April 2002 01:38:28 AM


David Montroy
Revisited after a few weeks, now I like it very much. I change my ratings.

John Peri
Thanks David. To all those that are scared to ask", just be aware that I met this young lady in a restaurant and asked her to pose for me. She then gave me a list of the favourite shots that her fiançée wanted enlarged ... this was one of them.

Nem W. Schlecht
Wonderful natural look (like many of your shots). This looks like she's relaxing and watching TV in the buff. Captured wonderfully.

Earl McLean
That was a very quick response John. Remarkable work by the way. It must require a bit of skill and much confidence to do this especially these days with problems associated with men molesting women. That is what particularly puts me off asking girls I don't know to do such things. So this was clearly a positive outcome. Have you had as many rejections as acceptances asking young ladies if they would be interested in having photos taken of them? You must have to use quite a bit of tact and skill at assessing the enviroment and situations these girls are in prior to making such approaches. " we look through albums and discuss the matter." I see, so this forms the basis of the potential model's decision making process on how far she might be willing to go with nudity or whatever she might consider acceptable. One more query, do you work entirely on your own when taking such photos or do you occasinally work with an assistant (say a lighting technician)? John, your proceeding response to my query has been invaluable. Thank you very much for your guidance on this matter.

John Peri
I don't know if I really encourage them, it's something that we get to together. Many women love photography and we look through albums and discuss the matter.

Earl McLean
"I met this young lady in a restaurant and asked her to pose for me." I see now. So that's how you do it :) Ehmn.. But how did you manage to encourage her to bare all and how long was it between you meeting this lady and taking the photo?

John Peri
Earl, this is probably not the place to discuss this any further, but just a few words on the subject. Young ladies are not stupid and I am sure that they can distinguish between who is earnest and not. The only thing that one needs of course is the courage to put forward the question, and many people unfortunately have a fear of rejection. Frankly no, I don't get refused very often. Maybe I chose the right subjects, though I guess it's also important to be very curteous at all times. There are a few people that resent the fact that I do a lot of nude photography and they like to leave comments occasionally in the style of "I don't respect women". The very idea is grotesque. First of all, I try to show my adoration of women in my work. Secondly, would they really accept to pose, if that was not the case.

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