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untitled nude peri john

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Published: Sunday 30th of December 2007 02:09:22 PM


John Peri
Quite definitely Carlo, thank you. The change of texture underneath her head is terrible. Maybe I could try to PS it? At any rate, the sofa was not as clean as we wanted (not our place) and we were obliged to cover it ... that left either the head or the legs bare !

Vittorio Pellazza
Very beautiful b&w fine nude. In my opinion, this version is better than the cropped version because of the "environmental taste" peculiar to your style. IMHO of course. Happy new year rich of beauty.

Dave Dube
Two things trouble me: first is the reflectivity of the skin (too oiled up) and second, the sway of the back, almost looks artificial? or exaggerated?

Lighting is of course, perfect~!

Sweid Sideris
That's what I supposed, the tapestry too short. In this case I advice to cover the upper-left corner under her head, because the changes of shadows and lightninig due to the shapes of the sofa in this corner are too difficult for corrections, meanwhile the flat part under her feet is more easy for cloning. Last observation, never mind the white sofa surfaces status, anyway I recommend the dark color because the contrast with the skin of the model rendering a high definition of those sensual curves.

Sweid Sideris
Anyway, for sure you still repeating this classic with almost infinite subtle variations, but your exploration still being a precious exercise of aesthetics on a wonderful figure. Nevertheless here there is something bothering me, because I can see the white of the sofa on the upper-left corner, I think it would be better if the dark tapestry behind her body cover the sofa fully. At last, the gaze and expression of this young woman is simply captivating.

Alberto Quintal
John Very beautiful, excellent and nice pose. Happy new year!!! Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Excellent composition and lighting John. Your model is amazing. I wish you to capture models like this in the upcoming year.

David Bradley
Classic & Classy... Very nice...as always!

John Peri
Brad Kim: Many thanks for your comment and very kind wishes. I have removed the photo from request for critique because I really don't think it is worthy of it. I've done this so many times before. I just want to place it here in the file where I can retrieve it later.

Janusz Taras
John, Excellent light and composition.Great B&W tone.Happy new year for you and your Family.Thank you John.Janusz.

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