JP F33

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Thursday 4th of April 2002 07:09:20 PM


David Montroy
Revisiting your folder Very beautiful model, very beautiful photo: light, exposure, framing OK. Good work

John Peri
Paul, I find that to be a particularly interesting comment. Thank you. Sometimes I am told, wow, those trees really add to the picture, but the answer is that they "are" a part of the picture. Sure the face is sensuous. But isn't that precisely what makes it a sensuous nude study?

Paul Reading
Head Shot I think this looks beautiful as just a head shot, crop it square, do not show the nipples and it is far more sensous. The visual nuditity doesn't add anything, but without it wow.

David Bradley
The look on her face says that she has been OK up to this point, but that she not really ready to open up and be totally free in front of the camera...if that is the case, you captured it well, if that is not the case and that is what you were trying to create, you captured it well...

John Peri
Thanks David, that is also a interesting comment. This was her first nude session ever, so you may well have a point there.

Paul Reading
John, can you tell us anything about how you lit this photograph?

John Peri
Paul, light from the window accompanied by fill in bounce flash off the ceiling. Simple, but often sufficient.

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