JP F32

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Thursday 4th of April 2002 07:04:55 PM


Glenn Polin
Happiness I don't know why but the photo makes me very happy. Many of your nudes are beautiful, but this one is somehow full and lush and at the same time understated. The face draws me in and I slide down the shoulder and find the breast. The curvature of the breast at the bottom right is wonderful.

Stik K
Beautiful portrait I like the expression on her face.

Tony Yarbrough
Lovely image. It is refreshing to see the beauty that still exists in older woman - that seems rare in this medium.

John Peri
I fully sympathize that you may not like the photo, and why should you. There may be a more elegant way of expressing it however.

Richard Price
Lifeless Needs ants or something

David Bradley
She looks a little sly...nice...

jim bonnici
fp4 wow, you did get the correct film for this beauty. do you prefer ilford to agfo & kodak? do you do your own processing? if so, what developer do you like?

John Peri
Jim, I like Ilford because of the subtle range of greys. However I do not do my own developing.

Jimmy Miller
Nice! Gorgeous model, great pose, nice lighting - it all goes together well. Thanks for another wonderful photo.

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