Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Scott Ripley
I wish I could help.... Jim, The point of critiques is to offer some sort of suggestion that you might be able to use to improve your photography. Unfortunately, I can't find anything wrong with this image. The lighting is exactly what I like to shoot (only I'm not as good at it). The expression and pose is great. My only critique is that there aren't more of these. Great job.

Light& Shadow
This is a beautiful shot. The lighting is awsome, the pose is great, expression of the model is exceptional. Great work by the both of you.

Saleem Khawar
Great image.

Michael S. Maddox
Jim, your lighting technique is masterful. I love the high contrast, with the warm tones against the solid black. This is a lovely image overall. Just my personal opinion, but I do find one thing a little awkward: the position of her head, or her facial expression. It's not that her expression is bad, because it's not... it's actually quite beautiful. To me, it's just at odds with her pose. Her pose seems very graceful and controlled. Her expression seems like an athlete's... preparing to spring for a run down the track... intensely focused on her goal. To me, it's just at odds with her pose. Just my two cents... -Michael

Doug Gentry
very simple...... Evening Jim, I must agree with the comments above. Beautiful photo with a masterful use of lighting and composition. Thank you for sharing your work with us here on PN. Happy New Year and best regards, Your work is inspirational! Regards, Doug

Jim Phelps
Jim, I missed this when you submited it. Excellent lighting and pose! Jim Phelps

James Baeza
thanks Jim

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