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Published: Tuesday 25th of December 2007 05:06:33 PM


John Peri
Thank you Biliana and the others too. Thank you Bill also, I have taken note and will make the correction you propose ..

Michael S. Maddox
You're absolutely right about the monitor calibration. The home computer that my family uses for surfing, etc, is not calibrated at all. Sometimes this gets me in to trouble evaluating photographs on Photo.NET! :) -Looking forward to seeing more of your new work!

Alon Eshel
Beautiful and theatrical , The blue color that dominate the photo created a wonderful combination

Michael S. Maddox
John, I love the delicate coloration in this photo. It is offset wonderfully by the color of her lipstick, and of course, those stunning eyes. The blue tones in the image also work very well with all the other elements. In my personal opinion, the background is just a little busy... I'd perhaps remove some or all of the framed photos in the background. I think the "piano key" detail at the right of the frame adds a nice touch to the image, but there seems to be a couple of stained or discolored spots in the door frame. It might be worth retouching those. Again, these are just personal opinions... but I find the leopard print of her top a little distracting... I kind of wish it was a solid color. One other small thing I find (slightly) distracting is the "squared" position of her left shoulder. Maybe it would have been nice to have her raise her right elbow slightly, and slightly lower her left shoulder. Minor observations, really, and of course nothing more than my personal opinion. She is a beautiful woman, and this is a lovely photograph. Thank you very much, by the way, for your recent comments in my portfolio. They are greatly appreciated. Best wishes! -Michael

Steffen Drache
I like the picture. The chill colours, but as an eye-catcher her red mouth. The naked breasts, her look, her expression allow to tell a story. Maybe not a very happy one...

John Peri
Well, it's probably exasperation with me, but at least I caught the moment .. :-)

John Peri
Many thanks Jim for this detailed analysis. I did consider cropping more tightly, but then I find that one looses the notion of mystery attached to leaning out of the window and looking into the void beyond. I most certainly get your point though and appreciate it. Thank you once again. As regards the model, let me pay her a compliment because she will read this. Many young women are beautiful, but few have such sincerity and emotion in their expression. Thank you G. We must do some more work again soon ... kisses, John

Michael Meneklis
Full of beauty, light and heαlth. One more 3D photo John full of life. Excellent colors and lighting. Bravo.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
A fragile beauty with interesting tones. The sliding door hardware is much less interesting. She deserves a better backdrop. Especially for nudity,there is a dissonance with this outdoor house. How about a forest background or a deserted park? gs

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
I didn't notice your name attached,John. I admire your work in general. I never rate,but I do comment. This is nice as I said, but not to my taste like some of your work. Happy holidays. gs

Janusz Taras
John, Excellent composition,fantastic light and color.Great work.7/7.Regards.Janusz.

Bob Kurt
Superb !

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful and lovely, pretty model, John. Alberto

John Peri
Hello Michael. You must have a different calibration to mine, because I don't see any frames at all, but I know that there are indeed a couple of things on the wall ... Regarding the squared shoulder, I think the model must be leaning on her left hand, which will have contributed to that. As regards the position of the model in more general terms, of course I do agree, but then it would imply setting up the photo, which I generally do not do. It's really just another moment captured with all the possible advvatages and disadvantages of that. Many thanks for passing by and a very Happy New year to you and to the others too.

Antanas Strazdas
Great composition

Jim Phelps
John, Please give her my compliments also. I had not realized that your last two posts (and many more I now see) were the same model. She is incredibly versatile! Jim

Rob Scott
Gorgeous model It's hard to find an unflattering photo of this young woman. I think, like the others, she might be better served with less harsh light. Still, John, you out-rank just about any glamour photographer on this site. RSC

John Peri
Gerry, thanks for your consideration. Believe me, there are many pieces of my own work that I'm either not sure about or do not like at all! I post them here in order to receive feedback. Sometimes it helps to reassure, other times to confirm the idea that one is going in the wrong direction. To me, that is the whole interest in sharing in a discussion group such as this and sometimes the more severe the critique, the more useful it can be. The overwhelming majority of people on PN are objective in their assessments and very often make the type of useful comments that have allowed me hopefully to improve over time. Unfortunately, one cannot block out those few others that will also insist on using this medium in order to vent their spite and insecurities. In this case, the negative comments are much less inspired by the photo than by self abuse. For the most part however they are just ignored .. by everyone. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this photo. Frankly, I have mixed feelings about it myself and I was interested to read what you have to say .. my very best wishes to you also for the holidays and for the coming New Year.

James Baeza
To me this is an image of innocent exasperation. A feeling of waiting too long for something or someone to arrive. Maybe on a warm Summer's day. I also think the colour capture of the vein in her right bicep adds to the tonal quality of the image.

Bill Symmons
John. For you this is a different treatment, and it work really well. I like what seems to be a combination of desaturization and saturated colors at the same time. The colors gel well together and although some may find them "cold" for this kind of portrait I think it is arresting. The only thing I find that bothers me at all is the models armpit, the shading there seems a little harsh. A wonderful portrait, beatifully processed. My compliments, Bill

Light& Shadow
Beautiful color in this one, and the soft focus is wonderful.

Mr G.Q
very good Sweetness and sensuality in an only image pure poetry

Joe Gallagher
I love it! The model's eyes and mouth , as well as her distracted right hand, and the dropped shoulder strap tell of a concerned anticipation. Her mind is elsewhere; "Where is he?" perhaps. Lots of possibilities. The color is beautiful, as is the model. And, as always, there is the Peri trademark of extraordinary beauty in an ordinary setting. Thanks to both of you.

Jim Phelps
John, The pose, the facial expression, and the coloring are all excellent. However, I find the door frame very distracting and I would crop it (see above). I really like the triangle formed by her right arm and the way her eyes match the background. The use of blue as the dominant color tends to enhance the apparent mood of the model. All of this complements the strong narrative that is implied by her facial expression. For me, this is much more of a formal image than most of your work. Therefore, the compositional details are more important here than in most of your other work. My 2 cents on an excellent image. My compliments to both of you. Jim

Vittorio Pellazza
Another of your unmistakable photos. So beautiful and so natural. The idea to include some elements of the environment is very clever (cropping outside of the model had underlined her prominence but, perhaps, in detriment of the everyday atmosphere). Here also great colours and softness. 7/7 more no possible :)

Kombizz Kashani
love her fragile feeling in her beautiful pose and with an interesting tones

John Peri
Portrait of G .. ..

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