how could i improve photo's like this

by Campbell Ryan

how could i improve photos like this seeking critique campbell ryan

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Published: Friday 14th of December 2007 09:38:37 AM


Peter Daalder
G'day Ryan,

Any subject matter can be tarted up with software such as Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro.
Others might prefer to do only basic editing with a range of alternatives. Irfanview and Picasa are freeware.
The image above could be improved by removing the rim of the pot out of the frame, adding some contrast and play around with the colours (mostly yellow and red).
Example attached for your evaluation...
Given more time, the bright horizontal features in the background might also be removed, to minimize distractions.

Ryan Campbell
how should i imrove photos lke this i like to take photos like his but do you have any tips to improve these. thanks a lot

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