Tug of War

by Peri John

tug of war ilford fp leica iiif m summicron d peri john

Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Tuesday 2nd of April 2002 05:02:58 PM


John Peri
What I like about this picture is the fun that is evidently shared by the spectators - I wish I had photographed them one by one!

M. Ort
John -- definitely a story here, but to see the "whole" story we really do need to see "who" or "what" is at the other end of the rope. A different angle might have worked better here. Kind regards, m.

John Peri
I had a whole carboard box full of my old pictures and film strips. Unfortunately, I lost them when I changed apartment..... John

Ruth Christie
Tug of war What a tragedy to lose such photos. Were they destroyed or could you advertise for them maybe someone found them in a second hand store and valued them enough to save them? The other one of the boys playing on the lampost is wonderful. Evidence of freedom to have simple fun - a dying art amongst children imo. It is a classic and I've saved it on my desktop as I'm an artist and wonder if it would be ok if I painted or drew it.

John Peri
Ruth, you are most welcome to draw or paint any of my images. The loss in question was in the form of boxes left in the cellar. Moving from one appartment to another, I had left books which I no longer looked at (mostly from University days) in boxes in the cellar. On my next move, not wanting to move them to yet another cellar, I asked them to be thrown away. Well, mixed in there unfortunately among the boxes were also the majority of my photos and negatives, which I only realized too late. C'est la vie!

Barry Fisher
Great Stuff Although I like well done nudes, and your are very good, I think this is maybe the best photograph I've seen in your portfolio. There's something very alive and the whole capture of the "significant" moment as they say. Just MHO.

nah, i don't see why you need to add more to this picture in order to see the "whole" story......I like it just the way it is, it makes you wonder about which side won the game!

Hyun-Joon YOO
Excel glance ! Photo magnifique!!!

Brian Barker
Just searching portfolios and came across this shot. I love the different feelings from this image. There is a great deal of tension, but still an intriguing playfulness about it. The faces are priceless! Overall, a wonderful photo!

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