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Published: Wednesday 12th of December 2007 11:45:50 PM


John Peri
Jim, I always enjoy the focus that you put on the eyes in your critiques, because it reminds me how importance it is, but in this particular case I fund that the image flows better in the upper version. Many thanks Jim.

James Baeza
John, This is a beautiful image. Sultry. I like that. I definitely appreciate the use of negative space on the right. You have certainly split the image into 3'rds. My wife says that the brightness of the space on the right is drawing her attention away from your lovely model. I on the otherhand find the distraction forcing me to look back to re-evaluate her. The contrast of her hair against the negative space is also a teaser. This is well done. The use of blue is also nice. I am liking this blue thing your doing. Is this a new direction? Best regards, Jim

Allan Kirby
Lighting Lesson John, My congratulations on another great photo. Now I have already indicated in previous posts how I am impressed with your skillful use of flash. Here I am seeing highlights from the right and some shadow detail on the underside of her arm and chin. I am guessing that this shot is using a blend of natural light from one direction and a bounce of flash from another. Can you "fill" (pun intended) me in on the lighting for this shot?

John Peri
Hy friends, there was a window to her right and the rest is flash. As for the blue tone, I have often used that actually .. I have done this also upright, but I rather like the the strands of hair entering the empty space and I think I prefer the original version .... many thanks for passing by ..

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Exquisite tonal and the use of light. Superb composition.

Costas Ellos
I like colours and tones !!!!

Anca Cernoschi
i like the first one i think the 2nd needs some space around the model my fav colors :D

Joe Gallagher
Tis the season for polls. I vote for the original. Jim Wrightwood uses the word sultry. That is the perfect word for this photo. Her hair, jewelery, pose, the blue tone all add to that mood; But it is really her eyes looking right at me that really does it. Have Mercy! Thanks

James Baeza
I prefer the original as well. You know how fond I am of empty space.

Michael Meneklis
The singer or the song? Both of them. Bravo John.

Alon Eshel
Excellent composition of lines and beauty . The violet color/tone created a unique mood

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition.Perfect light.Regards.

Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the lighting here. But, contrary to everyone else, I like the cropped version more because the facial expression (particularly the eyes) are slightly more dominant. Jim Phelps

John Peri
L .. in violet .. ..

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