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Published: Tuesday 11th of December 2007 10:53:11 PM


Jim Phelps
John, Is this your Walker Evans Phase? Jim Phelps

James Baeza
How did I miss this one! This is excellent. Crisp and fresh. It has all the qualities I enjoy. The boldness and the environment. The lines. Beautiful. The rating system would not allow me to give the 7's this deserves so I settled for 6's.

Timo Hartikainen
John, you should try this in Finnish trains in the morning time...everyone is reading their newspaper or they are sleeping.

Alberto Quintal
John. Excellent!!! 7/7 Alberto

Michael Meneklis
I am very happy with the sucess of this shot because I believe in it's high artistic value. I will resize it to make a print for the wall on my home-working place.

Richard Deng
Nicely done John, this is so good on many levels. The slight indifference, the nonchalance of your model, the color of her coat, her lingerie. So entertaining. (:-0

John Peri
Thank you all . Sarah ... it's my hat and coat of course ... :-) Michael, thank you for your kindness. I am sending you a copy ..

Michael Meneklis
Very original and beautiful shot. Helmut is dead, long live to John.

Leonardo Villalobos
Breathtaking !

Doug Oldham
Stylish and fun. Nice photo.

Jesse Hayes
Half naked hottie on the subway, i hope this wasn't a NY subway.

Marc Aubry
Pretty amusing!

John Peri
Good question Alon. That is the whole point of the posting in my view. People on a metro don't look at anything ... they are absorbed in themselves. We went further than this actually, and no problem .. nobody noticed. Thanks for passing by ...

Peter Meade
Hello John, if this was taken "live" in the Metro, then I take my hat off to your style. Eva Herzigova made a short film that's been of Fashion TV, where she wandered around the streets of Paris in lingerie. So I think you are right at the top of the tree here. P

John Peri
Sure this was 'live" Peter. It was pouring with rain and there were more people than I had planned on actually .... There are a couple more I may post ....

Massimo Santoni
great composition! Nice colors and model's attitude... if only they could see... hehe! cheers!

Alon Eshel
WOW , This is superb . Excellent photo ( wanted to rate it a 7/7 but the system didn't allow me ) John . Did the people at the back new what's going on in the front ? The look adjective

Costas Ellos
John, A very merry Christmas to you. Happy New Year 2008 filled of pictures to enjoy for all of us ! Many thanks for your visits - comments - rates.

Els Wetting
Highly original --Els

Yiorgos Stavropoulos
excellent John! bravo

Janusz Taras
Very good work.7/7.Regards.

Lennart Goldmann
Quite different from your previous postings, and excellent! The dof is perfect, and congratulations to the model. Must have been exciting!

Kim Mathis
This is so beautiful! I can see how this could happen...board the subway with next to nothing on, and very casually give you a better shot than what you'd expect. I love it! Nice job.

Sarah Kane
Just checkin' to see what you've been up to lately, as I've been busy with an art exhibition; I had to stop at this one. I love it John! They have no idea at all... The hat is great, very 1920s reporter;) Happy Holidays!! ~S~

David de Orueta
My first thought: wowwow! Than I saw it was you John, and thought; lovely, if you want the same but more daring, you'll have to rent the train... congratulations.

Michael Meneklis
It will be a great honor and gift for me. Thank you John.

Jim McConnell
John, you do have a gift for this sort of thing, Fantastic shot! Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jim McConnell.

Tanya Truong
John!... Thank you for asking me to be your model for this image.... Haha! I am wishing, of course :o). I can't help to agree with Micheal about the artistic value of this image. Would love to have one for myself, too :o). Very amusing photo.

Foureyes .
niiiiiice !!!! very nicely done,......7/7

John Peri
Thanks Paul. I did try it in black and white, but this particular one is better in colour. Maybe it's the coat and contrast with the underwear that acts as a focal point ..

paul brown
Fantastic! This one really caught my eye I must say! Any chance of a B&W rendition?? All the best, Paul

adrian oostermeijer
Fun This must have been fun to make, absolutely great, just wondered how many prints youre willing to send out? You can always ask , can't you, Great John regards Aad

Raymond Elstad
Fabulous Indeed John! I quite like the selective depth of field which really allows the model to 'pop'. Bravo! r.

Eric Lefebvre
Certainly my favorite with your "ladies in the stairs" & "ladies in the streets". A great sense of humor ;-)

Kombizz Kashani
Fantastic I love this.

Kylan Amos

I really love this photo! The colours really bring out the lovely lady from the carriage, just works a treat! there's something so pleasing about a woman going about her normal daily routine, in pretty much just their underwear!

I have a high regard for a lot of your work John, you have given me lots of inspiration and ideas, and on that, I'm just off to do some more!!

All the best John.


John Peri
Herald Tribune .. Yesterday around midday ...

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