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Gallery: Birds

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Published: Sunday 9th of December 2007 09:04:08 PM


Jim Craig
Good timing on your part Richard, very well seen. I like to photograph birds also, but find it's difficult and rare to get action shots of them. I wonder if a faster shutter speed would have rendered the bird sharper. There is a lot of nice detail in the wings, but I do like the sense of motion. regards, jim

gordon b
WOW Great capture. I actually like the slight blur on the wings it gives a sense of speed and motion. I had heard of these hawks when I was down in the Glades orchid hunting last spring, but was not fortunate enough to see one.

Monte Stinnett
Great action shot of a cool looking hawk. Could be a little brighter and cropped a little tight.

Richard Watson
Fast Food Fly Through This is an endangered snail kite who from about 25 feet away spots and dives for apple snails which are just under the water. Amazing eyesight. Thanks for your imput.

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