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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Sunday 9th of December 2007 01:32:43 AM


John Peri
Of course Carlo, many thanks for giving me your point of view. Most certainly it will weigh heavily in my final opinion of the photo.

James Baeza
Hi John. I like the treatment. Esecially with those eyes of hers. I must say however there are two things I do not care for. The hibiscus did not handle your processing well and is taking attention away from your lovely model. The other would be the towel she is lying on. Her skin would look wonderful against the stone of the porch. Just my 2 cents. Jim

Janusz Taras
Excellent work John.7/7.Regards.

John Julich
Hot! This Photograph has HOT written all over her!

George Pennington
Not your usual fare Mr. Peri. The model looks somewhat uncomfortable, off-balance in her position. Her expression is terrific, a wonderful capture, but she does not seem at ease in the pose, as so many of your models seem to be regardless of the circumstance. When is your book to be published?

Adam Jean-Jacques
Att John Peri. Bonjour. Un petit coucou pour vous f鬩citer pour l'ensemble de vos photos, j'aime votre style, votre recherche de mod謥s, de lieux et d'飬airage.... F鬩citations. Continu頠 cr饲 ce plaisir des yeux. Amicalement. Jean-Jacques Bruxelles - Belgique http://jean-jacques.bookfoto.com/

John Peri
Thank you Jean-Jacques. If you write in French, you have to leave out the accents and then it's ok .. ! Best wishes, John

Jim Phelps
John, Conceptually I really like what I think you were trying to do in this foto, but for me the red flowers are far too dominant here. The main subject should be her face/eyes. I suggest either cropping the plant or significantly de-saturating the red in the flowers

John Peri
The colours are totally imaginary of course, and it was meant to compete somewhat, but I'll certainly try what you suggest. many thanks Jim.

Ioannis Lukas
I think this is perfect! Exactly what you are calling it,For me this a little masterpiece! Congrats !! 7/7 but the machine do not aloud it!!

John Peri
Many thanks. I enjoy the critiques and the criticism ! Again, thank you for taking the trouble. I did post earlier the original photo which may correspond closer to some people's taste. This is just one of my graphic eccentricities posted for my "strange fantasies" file ... :-)

Alberto Quintal
John Fantastic, excellent executed and great work. Alberto

Sweid Sideris
Sorry John, I'm not convinced, perhaps because she don't look -convinced?- comfy with her pose, or the blue dominant, or the slightly overexposed style, or a combination of this factors and more, who knows. But this time the photo can't capture me like other times.

Bob Kurt
Very sensual. Very good executed.

Alon Eshel
What an interesting work , Looks like a mix of painting and photo

John Peri
Alberto, Alon, thank you very much, but I fully appreciate that someone may not like this kind of thing at all. There are several burned out areas too. I sometimes like to let fantasy guide my imagination and this kind of eccentricity can result. I am really looking for something graphic and decorative ... it's atually quite amusing in print form.

Anca Cernoschi
my favorite colors :D beautiful model too

Tanya Truong
Her eyes are very hypnotizing... inviting everyone to the strange fantasy that John Peri has created ;o). This photo reminds me of a recent beautiful nude artwork by Jock Sturges that i got a chance to see the exhibit in West Hollywood. Is female photographer allowed to enter your fantasy too?. I have my camera ready :o).

leonard cojocaru
best I love this pic is great .thx

John Peri
A parody on life and Ibiscus .. ..

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