Beech grove on a rainy day

by Arnold Wolfgang

beech grove on a rainy day seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Published: Saturday 8th of December 2007 07:39:06 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Thanks, Michael, a good proposal - the top is really slightly too overexposed. With your unbiased view in mind, I noticed that, when working on the photo I was too concentrated on the path and the middle right area (in the distance).

Not Here
!! I think you have been successful. A very pleasant forest scene, inviting to follow the path. Only one comment, try a crop right above the "v" in the right tree. Nothing above that adds to the photo. Just a thought... see if you like it. Mike

Volker Birke

Great mood conveyed by this image. The contrast of these tall and virtually vertical beech trees (in the canopy suffused by light) versus the small path in the foreground positioned in accord with the rule of thirds provides a creative and aesthetic view. Could be my beech grove... Hillentrup seems to be not so far away from the Süntel Range and its Hohenstein cliffs, there is my beech grove...

BR / Volker

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment! We spend a rainy week of vacations in that area few years ago...

cheers, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Arnold
A wet day... a beech grove. My idea here was to give the scene depth by benefitting from misty air.

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