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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 1st of April 2002 05:58:02 PM


artistic nudes
congratulations to this model. i am so proud of her for having this shot taken. so many ladies are so embarassed about the way they look when they are pregnant. this is a beautiful women, in a beautiful stage of her life, having a beautiful photo taken.

John Peri
Marcel, I shall write to you privately. I think my views would bore the majority of our friends here. John

Marcel Krijger
Nice shot Love this folder! I’ve been looking for a way to capture my pregnant wife. I find it very difficult, since I have NO experience whatsoever with nudes. This one is very basic, a near frontal shot but decent and honest. Maybe I have been searching to far for that shot after all! Can you provide me with tips? Time is running out: approx. two weeks to go! Thanks anyway.

George Vincent
This is one of your best. Maybe it's the face. Maybe it's the hand placement. Maybe it's the placement in the room next to the pillar. Maybe it's the expression on her face. Maybe it's the lighting on her face versus the softness of her body. It just comes together beautifully in this photo.

Kris M Ratschka
very stong.. and eyes...emotions

M. Hayward
This is my favorite image of yours and one of the very best on I had to comment to rate it a "7". I had done so long ago, but the ratings revision knocked it down a peg.

Michael Nigro
this is wonderful!! a beautiful lady very comfortable with her condition.

Nem W. Schlecht
What I like about this shot is the model's left nipple. Just sticking out a hair and colored just a few shades off from the background. Nipples say a lot about pregnancy as well as a nice round tummy. ;-) It looks like you have a highlight on the face here, which I think looks a little distracting here (the shoulder looks like it got caught in it, too). Still, an outstanding shot.

Robert Ragon
The model's expression makes this an effective shot. She could be fully clothed and it would make no difference. Again nice lighting.

Michael Kelliher
I like this much better than your other one in blue. This is much warmer and maternal.

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