Sierra Dawn

by Adamus Marc

sierra dawn adamus marc

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Published: Thursday 6th of December 2007 10:02:49 PM


Marc Adamus
Dramatic skies and flowering rabbitbrush combine for an impressive, classic Sierra scene in the range of light.

Anish Desai
Marc, you seem to have a way of 'being there' when conditions are at their best. I've been to the Eastern Sierra on countless mornings, and this type of cloud display is not at all common. I know that you spend good stretches of time at the locations you visit, but I wanted to ask, do you keep an eye on weather forecasts and time your trips your trips to certain areas accordingly to get the best potential conditions? Or do you more or less just head off to a location and work with whatever conditions present themselves? Thanks, Anish

Marc Adamus
Well, I almost always keep an eye out for storm cycles. In fact, when I spend time in the backcountry I'll usually hike in during a storm or just before it hits and then wait it out to get the best skies. But this last trip was 51 days, so my only real choice was the season. November - April is definitely the best time to catch dramatic skies in the Sierra. On this particular occasion, however, the Sierra was just an afterthought to the canyonlands of Utah and Arizona. I was just passing through (spending 10 days) and got lucky a couple times.

Brad Kim
Classical Sierra beauty... Excellent capture, Marc!

Kah Kit Yoong
That's quite a light show. Very impressive & inspiring work.

Ken Smith
Inspiring Mark, a pleasure to see. Beautiful blend of pastels; composition of mtns, shadowed hills, and striking clouds come together so well. Oddly, I most enjoy the yellow sage in foreground as it shows the treatment of light and form so well. Ken S.

James Abel
When one lives in a inner city, It refreashing to see photo's of this grandure

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