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Published: Wednesday 5th of December 2007 06:06:45 PM


Rob van Berkel
i continue to love your work...

Timo Hartikainen
Some thoughts..this one was maybe not shot only for those red boots (?), but she's grabbing them this way, it makes them more important here, I thought, so I would like to see her legs with boots properly and not cropped like this, I mean that if someone is going to buy those, he/she probably wanted to see more, but that's only my opinion. Red/black combination works always.

Massimo Santoni
beautiul, sensual... as always John!

Sweid Sideris
Generally advertisements sell an specific image in order to set in the mind of the observers the (crazy) idea that you will look exactly like the model if you buy the product advertised. Then, if you can't see the boots fully doesn't matter, the idea still being there. Nevertheless in this case for me is evident that this shot was taken for the personal collection of John. The image resume an incredible beauty. The tension of her arms, hands and boots crossing the frame as a contradiction of her facial expression are the spice of this work.

Jim Phelps
John, Excellent pose and color. I really like the way the colors compete with the model's face/eyes for the viewer's attention. The facial expression and eye contact are more subtle here than with your nudes and it works very well. One thing that detracts are the bits of red at the left of the image. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Many thanks to all ...

Xiang Gao
Beautiful. Very well done.

Alberto Quintal
Sexy, lovely and beautiful!!! Alberto

John Peri
In fact it's both the dress and boots. Sometimes images in advertissements are so dark or obscure, that one sees little of the clothes in question. What very much helps to promote an image is mood or ambience, and this photo presented in a catalogue alongside other pictures from the same series can contribute, though it may or may not appear in the final selection. That being said, I took several photos for myself too. A valid point nevertheless Timo, thank you.

Leanna Weber
Perfect model, pose, lighting, background...as always. Leanna :O)

Michael Meneklis
You give life to the stones of the bg and your very attractive model makes the stones more beautiful.

Ioannis Lukas
It never stopps i hope,the one after the other av wonderful images and ladies, it is a river!!/ janis

John Peri
Fashion Week .. Shot for a catalogue by Rebbeca RIles ..

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