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Published: Wednesday 5th of December 2007 03:55:39 PM


John Peri
Thanks Stephen for this detailed analysis. I think that Jim sympathizes with the interest in leaving the background in for a "backstage" shot. I guess we could remove just a bit from the right side without changing much of the image though .. ha .. yes, It was kind of dark ivory coloured I think .. :-)

Stephen Solomon
Essential Artifacts... in the room help to create movement through out the image. I would only, maybe, crop the right side of the image, if at all. Just at the edge of the dark piece of furniture. It's too dark with no detail, so I would eliminate it. As for Mr. Phelps' crop suggestion, it is too much. Your model's eyes as well as her body are facing toward the left of the image and so the whole movement of the viewer's eye within the picture is going left. Cutting off the artifacts makes the image stagnate. Your model's head and legs are already cropped, and she appears to be trapped in a box with such close cropping on all four sides. Composition wise, she needs some space in front of her. Good use of light with good modelling of your subject and even skin tones. I like the pose of your in-between rooms shot. Graceful. The head covering on the statue looks familiar. Is it pink??

John Peri
Thanks everyone, I'm glad this photo was appreciated overall. As I said, it is a backstage shot and therefore difficult to evaluate in terms of interest to others. Thank you also Lennart, as regards the lighting I think it's no secret that I have a flash attached to my camera. More often than not its there even in sunlight. The only recommendation I can make is never to point it at the subject .... I have in fact argued with the model in this photo who is an excellent photographer that one can sometimes get as good results as with elaborately set up lights, the significant advantage being that you are more likely however to capture moments such as this ...

Michael Meneklis
Very nice composition and use of light. Your model is coming toward us with a 3d feeeling.

Ioannis Lukas
She is lovely! I think you should cropp better this one!( janis Lukas

Ioannis Lukas
I did not see it that way, cropp kan be done in many ways, what do you think about that?/ Janis

John Peri
Yes, a superb photographer among other things ...

Jim Phelps
John, For me, everything in the room detracts from the model. My suggested crop is above. As is true of many of your images (in my opinion at least), her eyes are the main subject and her body balances out the rest of the image. She is a truly beautiful woman. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Yanni, do you mean that it should be cropped more tighly? But then one will probably lose some of the "backstage" effect, don't you think?

John Peri
Yanni .. thank you, this is really very ..very .. good. It's the kind of thing that she could pull off too .. you are both much better than me at this ..

Alan Ballinger
I love it John: Like everything else you do, the lighting is superb. As for the pose, I think the photos you post where the model is relaxed and in between poses or sessions is among your best. I always feel it's a more accurate portrayal of the true personality of the model. As for the model herself, she's lovely, and as usual, I'm jealous.

Ioannis Lukas
Hi John,a different way of thinking thats all! You are a great photographer and you know that, , i could not have taken all these amazing photos you do all the time not in a miljon years, !!! congrats on your work / Janis Lukas

Doug Gentry
the stage... John, In my opinion, your choice of B&W, and all the details in this image is what makes it a marvel to view. It's a small glimpse of "her" world. And as the humans that we are...we enjoy that aspect of life and photography. Thank you for sharing. Best Regards, Doug

John Peri
Hy Jim and thanks ... sure ... you've made a pleasant portrait out of it, but then does it not defeat rather the purpose of a "backstage" shot which needs the environment to reflect the mood? ... I remember distinctly how the model was moving from one section of the apartment to another, and this represents the moment caught in between .... we tend to lose that notion with the crop .... along with it that special instant of communication and complicty. But that is my interpretation, I was there, and as I implied above, this is a very personal shot that others may or may not relate to ..

James Baeza
Jim is correct in his observation reagrding the eyes. Your subjects always have the most engaging eyes. It is certainly a Peri trademark.

Alberto Quintal
Perfect b&W. Regards, John. Alberto

Allan Kirby
Photo School Visiting the John Peri shot is one of the highlights of my journey through this site each day. Today, we have a great discussion going on and each of the contributing photographers brings their own bit of style into the discussion. I for one like to see a background tell the context of the story. If it is blured or cropped out too much, I am left with far less information. The model of course brings skills of her own in giving expression to the image, and I must say she is wonderful. One last observation - you control the lighting so well as to give a touch of flash to bring out curves and definition so subtely. Great work John. Thanks for another daily lesson.

James Baeza
She is lovely John. You have portrayed her nicely here. She is a photographer as well?

Lennart Goldmann
Don't change a thing! Dear John, this is one my favorites among your many great photos. It could be cropped as suggested, but to me the the moment you captured together includes everything that is in there, so don't change a thing! About the lighting: can you reveal or at least hint at what kind of lighting you used? It looks so natural and I don't see any shadows - great work! Regards Lennart

Jim Phelps
John, OK, I see where you are coming from now. You captured a specific time and place which has a great deal of significance to both of you

Alon Eshel
It a beautiful shot , Very natural . I love that African statue and other decorations , Make one feel at home . I looked at ioannis suggestion , Very good but it makes a different mood . The only thought I had is a bit of crop on the right side where you can see the chair . I love the way the light is stronger on the model , Make her stand out to the viewer with the beautiful penetrating eyes

John Peri
jealous? .. grrr .. took me two days to decide to post this, you should be pleased I even show it... :-) Alan, thanks. She's wonderful of course and we have a great understanding. I don't really know who is taking the photos her or me .. just happens ... only too rare unfortunately though .. hint ... N .. are you reading this ... need to lock you up and hide you from the world again for two three days .. :-)

John Peri
Thoughts ? I am so fond of this model .. as a person and as an artist in her own right, that I am unable to judge the merit or absent of it in this photo ... I am too closely linked .. do not hesitate to say what you feel .. she will not mind and me neither .. if you are polite .. :-) .. it was in fact "one of those little moments" where connection takes place .. having just posed .. and just about to pose again ...

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