by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 3rd of December 2007 09:11:57 AM


John Peri
I forgot to switch off the rating system .. Please don't bother .. ;-)

Edward Slonaker
The cap is a little less "seasonal" than one would expect, but....then again....who cares? Beautifully done, John. Best wishes this season and many more to come.

John Peri
Ha ha .. thank you, but the pose is her ... :-)

Pierre Dumas
Very nice! PDE

Kaushik Chatterjee
John Excellent shot as always. Meaning no disrespect I have tried another presentation of this one. Just playing with your shot and got the result. Please feel free to tell if you oppose. Rgds.

Stephen Solomon
Mischeivous Look Hey, John! This is a great shot! I really like the color. Skin tones are beautiful and the red stockings, earrings with her brown hair set this young lady off with nice contrast against the black background. Her triangular stance is very stylish with the placement of her hands and that mischeivous look in her eye. The pink hat works because the same cast of pink is repeated in her skin tone and makeup. Right then, it probably helped to keep her warm too. I would prefer to leave the container of tools behind her out of the image as it competes with the main subject from my peripheral vision. Well done! Very elegant!!

Peter Meade
Hello John, I seem to remember some red stockings last year too. I liked them at that time and I find them just as compelling now. P

John Peri
Still waiting .. .. Thomas's pic is here: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6696922

Alon Eshel
Santa Is Coming To Town Wonderful shot , The red socks make the difference

John Peri
The first part of your message is perfectly legitimate, it's your opinion and it is welcome here. The second Juha is just characteristic of your hangups, your vulgarity and your narrow and focused vision of women. By all means display that publicly. Your have tried consistently to get support on PN for your nonsense. You have not been very succesful until now.

John Peri
Just back from a trip .. thank you all. Thank you Thomas Dunkerley for the inspiration :-) Kaushik. I love it ... Once before already you greatly improved on one of my images. I appreciate it, thank you.

Thomas Collins
And their stockings were hung by the fire in anticipation of Saint Nick.... Wonderful theme John!

Jim Phelps
John, Seasonal stockings. I love it!

Alberto Quintal
Always lovely and great work, John. Alberto

Kelvin Bernard
Exquisitely Posed, So Graceful... Love how her curves contrast the hard and angular geometry of the room. Perfectly composed and framed. Regards.

John Peri
Many thanks to all ... glad you liked not just the joke but the photos too ... :-)

Salvador Penaloza
I wish I were Santa !!! Felicidades very nice colors and very good shot //Spenaloza

Costas Ellos
I prefer human perspective with a flame au bout des doigts.

James Baeza
Mr. Chatterjee's interpretation of the image is pleasant on it's own but I am known to enjoy the environment surrounding the subject. I may have cropped the left side a little. Personal taste. Colours are great. pleasing.

Umair Ghani
out of this world!!!!! regards!

Michael Meneklis
Amazing composition and colors and a pose under the experience of John. Bravo my friend.

Alec Ee
A delight to view, as always John.

John Peri
Waiting for Santa .. This is just a joke shared with Thomas Dunkerley. I promised him to set one of my friends the task of keeping guard by the chimney to check on the arrival of Santa ... do look at his wonderful photo taken for the Holiday Season .. !

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