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Published: Sunday 2nd of December 2007 05:02:28 AM


John Peri
Thanks Kenny, good point. Maybe it is an illusion, or maybe be it really is so due to distortion provoked by my zoom lens - I'm pretty close to the subject here in a confined space.

Alon Eshel
Very nicely composed

James Baeza
Wonderful as always. I think Mr. Dunkerley summed it up rather nicely. I think the head attire and the necklace may work well with that other venture you are working on. I would like to see that. Best Regards, Jim

Jim Phelps
John, I think I would add humor to the basic glamour and bit of charm. She looks like she doesn?t take life too seriously. Once again, the facial expression/eyes are the central point of this foto (the Peri style??). This may be why the head seems out of proportion to Kenny. The head scarf , stockings, and thong add an interesting element of contrast. A very good glamour shot. Congrats to you both (It is obvious she is in control of the shoot). Jim Phelps

John Peri
Jim, an interesting observation, thank you. It is when they are in control that they give the best of themselves. However much you try, you cannot force a model to display charm ...

Thomas Collins
They (they being who?) say the first two adjectives that forms in one's mind after seeing a picture is what will steer the rest of one's observations. Friendly and charming is what sums up this photograph for me.

Agris Robs
Very expressive model ... i like ...

Xaime Villar
A very expressive model, good work

Kenny Garver
to me this shot seems a bit out of proportion ... her head seems too big compared to her body... maybe its the shadow under her right arm?? or the fingers of her right hand

Michael Meneklis
Excellent use of diagonals and the stairs to frame her beauty in your magic lens.

Alberto Quintal
Another hit, John, 7/7. Beautiful! Alberto

John Peri
Many thanks .. it's the grace and charm of the wonderful model that in large part makes the photo though ...

Kenny Garver
yo Gary! tone it down a notch...it was just an observation. i really like the pose too... maybe you should shut your BIG mouth!and go take some photos! sorry john..

Stephen Solomon
This young lady's expression is energetic and simply delightful. Innovative use of the stairway. I like the position of her necklace. Your lighting and model's pose do well to depict her shapeliness.

John Peri
Back to .. basic glamour .. with a little bit of added charm ..

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