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Gallery: dragonflies

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Published: Thursday 29th of November 2007 09:52:23 AM


Alessandro Remotti
7/7 Comments Actually, I don't like nature shots, but I can recognize a wonderful image! A. Remotti, Turin, Italy

Shayne Middleton
Martin Amazing, flawless image. The array of colours is great. Well done. :)

jm v
..... no words to describe this shot!!! see above, possibly one of the best shot I have ever seen!!

Ali Rezaeian
WooW 7/7 Amazing macro martin . Was this lens in reverse position ? Thanks ... Ali ...

Emmanuel Boitier
Excellent shot! The details are really stunning. Congratulations. Emmanuel

Budhaditya Deb
Wow! This is one special macro of a bug with dew! Its the way the dew drops brings out /magnify the eyes which I dont think have ever seen before. then I checked your profile and you seem to be a master of it.

Martin Amm
@ ali no in normal position. but i heard that the enlarging lenses have a better quality if you use them in a reverse position. the problem is that i didn?t find a proper object for this

JF Ochoa
Impressive! I think this is the best macro I?ve ever seen. Congrats!

Marcin Klysewicz
magic - colours, composition, DOF, sharpness - all perfect for me. amazing.

David B

Rafik Kamel
Very nice details and effect, my regards, RK!

lavin park
@.@ like ju

Stephan Brauchli
Amazing I guess the dragonfly is still too cold to fly away. What time of year is this? Either way an impressive image and definitely worth the time searching for a dragonfly.

Martin Amm
@staphan: i took this shot at the end of september. the big advantage at this time of the year is that the night are getting colder. so you have a great light situation, fog and many dew as the result.

Scott Johnson
Wow! What an amazing shot! The selective magnification provided by the water droplets is fascinating. I stared at this photo for an hour tonight!

Martin Amm
@bryan thanks for your comment. i searched, before sunrise, near a small pond for some dragonflies. until i found one it last sometimes more than 1 hour. the photo technical details are: i used a tripod, a nikon d200 and a bellow together with an enlarger lens (like rodagon or componon lenses). the shutter speed was, as i can remember, 1,5 sec. at an aperture of 13. i used the function mirror-up of my camera, to reduce vibrations caused by the mirror and shutter. i hope i answerd most of your question, if not please ask ;)

Brian Watson
distance I'm amazed that you got this very beautiful shot with a 50mm lens. How close were you to the subject?

Bryan Quattlebaum
Superb! I would love to know as many details as possible concerning how you obtained this shot. This embodies everything that makes macro photography so compelling...

Sauciuc Gabriela
7/7 Excellent!

Martin Amm
thanks to all. the distance were only a few centimeters

Heather Van Rykn
Viewing this photo is a life changing experience. Thank you so much for sharing it. So say it's incredible doesn't do it justice.

Andrzej Radka
7/7 Very cool!!!!

Chris Court
I'm speechless. I believe this is the best photo I've ever seen. Simply perfect.

Ellis Vener
Astounding! I really hope and pray that you have registered your copyrights on this photo.

Jana Vanourkova
incredible ! cheers Jana

Julie Lynch
Amazing. I got up close and personal with a few dragon flies this summer, but I didn't get any breathtaking shots like this.

Oliver Begovic
Don`t say it... A blaster shot!!! For a macro lover like I am, this is a real eye digest!!! Sure, 7/7, no less...

christopher george
all beaded up I love macro shots and this is one of the coolest ever!! The images inside the eyes are out of this world!! Amazing shot.

Fergus Kane
superb again, well worth getting up early for.

GD Whalen
This is crazy good. Very impressed.

Torben Palm
Simply Superb This is simply a fantastic photo in every way. Thank's for sharing :-)

WOW, absoulutely amazing photo!

Brenkku Delany
Brilliant ! I presume you've sent some of your best work to National Geographic ??

Wilson Tsoi
Tremendous macro with eye-popping result. The fine details of its eye in droplets are amazing. This is top notch both technically and aesthetically.

John Liow
Absolutely stunning! Sharpness, composition, colours, smooth background....it's all there!

Carolyn Dalessandro
you are the Master...Outstanding!! and a inspiration. Bravo!!

Anushila Shaw
You make me want to like bugs :) This is probably the top Macro image I've ever seen here!

Wojtek Dziedzic
OMG! This is outstanding shot! Regards :)

Lesley Smitheringale
Can't believe what I'm seeing ... This is the best macro photograph I have ever seen!!! You have outstanding talent. Congratulations, Lesley

Martin Amm
@ all thank you very very much for all your nice comments and your rating.

Martin Amm
@mark hello mark, thanks for your comment and ratng. i use the smart sharpen function of photoshop. i minimize the size of an image in several steps. before every size adjustment i sharp the image until i reach the web size (72dpi)

Mark Gamba
Really outstanding It is incredible how much detail you were able to capture. That is one of the best macro shots I've ever seen. May I ask what you use for your post process sharpening? This image is so perfectly sharp that I have a hard time believing it was just "unsharp mask" in Photoshop. Yes, 7/7 - no doubt. Very difficult shooting in the field with a bellows and you got a perfect image.

Nancy Barrett
WOW!! Really stunning image. I can see I have a long way to go when it comes to depth of field and sharpness. Thanks for providing all the tech details as well as the environmental info--late September, before dawn.... Cheers, Nancy

Anshika Varma
love the amount of detail that you have been able to capture in this! i also like the angle that you have selected cuz it lends a slightly abstract perspective to the pic.....the dew is just amazing!

Martin Amm
@hakan: the beads are just waterdrops, caused by thte morning dew. thanks for your rating

hello it is perfect images i have ask the one questions what is the bead bead thing to seem

Christopher Schlaf
One of the coolest macro shots Ive ever seen.Eveything about this is amazing.10/10 How in the world can someone give this a 4/3???

bernhard josefski
Amazing This is the most amazing photo i have ever seen. Incredible. Picture Pete

Willie Baker
Amazing, incredible, dazzling, wunderbar.

Henrique Souto
Amazing! Amazing macro shot.Perfect.

Andrew Campbell
Absolute gem of an image. Amazing clarity.

Ian Ruffle
Amazing I've never seen anything like this before. Just incredible. Ian.

Joelle Pulido
Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Peter Hausner Hansen
Super shot Wow ... This is world class

amitava sengupta
is this not 'photo of the YEAR', too?REGARDS!

amitava sengupta
AND ALTHOUGH THIS IMAGE GOT A COUPLE OF 4/4, OR 5/4, HAH? are they crazy or blindly jealous?

Adrian Dudziak
Wow! Amazing detail, amazing colour, all around, amazing picture!

Neo Freedom
Beautyful, really magic, an happy moment of life... are it taking his bath, or it just come out of it :)

Preston Stewart
One of the most interesting photographs I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

Dennis Fox
Dennis Fox Wow this shot is not an easy shot to do first of all. Perfect focus exposure is almost perfect, Subject matter is good, comp is good and very colorful. Overall outstanding Photograph.

Zach Williams
WOW! Truly a unique photo! nice capture!

Susana Cabrera
Amazing and spectacular !!!!

Monique Simons
Amazing! I think one of the best macro artists I have ever seen, really love your work and this photo is just breathtaking! I'm a macro-addict, but my photo's are far from what you are showing us here! I would love to get my hands on an enlarger lens, but have no idea what kind of bellow I would need? Could you please let me know what bellow you use? I'm working most of the time with the Nikon D300. Thanks in advance and keep up this fabulous work!

Ashish Kirtania
Absolutely stunning!!! One of the best macro images I've ever seen. Wonderful colors!!

Jacob Hanson
Great pic This is a great pic, I actually am renting a macro lens right now and I am finding out exactly how difficult it is to capture a picture of a bug! with the macro lens I have you have to zoom in sooo close that the bug flies away before i can take the pic. I'm thinking about either waking up super early to get them when they are wet and cant move, or get a net to catch them first. Dragonflies are impossible to take pictures of otherwise. any advice?

Per Hanfsamen
Awesome Oh my God, this Photo is just way too awesome. greets Samen

Jill Halpin

hanfsamen preisvergleich

hanfsamen bestellen anregungen

Marta Eva LLamera
Really IMPRESSIVE image. Congratulations. Best Wishes. (sorry have no more seven)

Marc Sirinsky
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Solent News
Fantastic shot! This is a really eye-catching image. I really cannot fault it, and as a picture editor I would if I could! It has that magic 'work of art' feel to it. Many congratulations. I've emailed you as well, so hope you received that.

Ming Zhong
You're amazing! I am a Chinese photographer who skilled in nature. It's great to see your amazing photos from this webside,and if you can give me some advises or comments,it will be highly appreciated.

Steve Waddell
Martin This is one of the most amazing photos I've ever seen. Yes, I rated it a 7/7 (10/10 if I could have!), but what's more important is how the photo moved me. After seeing it, and having an interest in macro photography of both flowers and insects, I was moved to purchase a true macro lens to see if I could create anything close to this. I'm new to DSLRs, and I just bought a Nikon D90, and for the macro lens, I bought a Tamron 90mm (had to stay a little more affordable than the Nikon lenses). What an amazing photo, it truly belongs in the top of its class. You know you've provided something truly inspiring when someone who views it is moved to action. Well done!

Nitin Joshi
Awesome! Everything about this shot is perfect...deserves 7/7.

Christie O

This type of simply amazing macro image is what I aspire to. My question: Did you enhance this in any way with Photoshop or other program? If so could you please share what steps you took?  Thank you.

Martin Amm

I did some contrast, saturation and whitebalance correction, puls sharpening. that´s all

patrick coombes

What an amazing shot! I just cant imagine the sum of patience needed to take such a shot. Congrat

Ondrej Tichy

Stunning macro photo. My congrats.

Richard VanWart

Since I grabbed this for my "favorites", I thought I should at least thank you for this amazing and exquisite image. Kudos on your fine work!

kruno cordas
the most unbelievable photo


M. H. Roy
Too Exquisite...

Your work is far too exquisite to be without copyright/watermark protection...

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Patrick Hudepohl
Response to by Martin Amm

Please note the following:

Steve Wagner
by Martin Amm

Crazy awesome photograph, truly new and exciting to see, and no elaborate post-processing, fantastic

Bobby Karimipoor
by Martin Amm

This photograph is very clear and brilliant...The drops of water on the insect`s body make your pic very strong and impressive...I like the posture and light here...Very well done and thnx for sharing...Regards(Bobby).

Martin Amm
by Martin Amm

thank you all so much for your comments and especially for those responsible of the "photo of the week".

gordon b
by Martin Amm

Absolutely spectacular result you have achieved here with a very challenging task. An inspiring example of what can happen when skill and opportunity collide. The compound views of the compound eye are so cool!
The focus is perfectly placed with the dof covering the important combination of the eye and  dewdrops , before begining to falling off at the rear leg and thorax. The soft,  shadowless early morning light and the effect that light has on both the colours and the surface tension of the dew is what puts this one head a shoulders above any similar dew macros I have seen. I love that the colours are not over-saturated but rather possess a  subdued glow .
The composition itself is my least favourite aspect. The aspect ratio would work better in my opinion as a 1-1 ratio. The  third leg and bottom of the thorax being superfluous and weighing down the bottom of the frame without adding anything.  I took the liberty of cropping as well as rotating the image which IMO give a more balanced and pleasing composition. I find that rotating the image after cropping suggests a strong diagonal that works better than the original crop. 
Very well done Martin, this image is a well deserved reward for those, early morning out of bed at the crack of dawn , forays you have undertaken while perfecting your craft.

Mario Lopez
by Martin Amm

Surprising and amazing ,the little drops marks the diference...between the best macros that I have seen in PN.Congratulations

Mary Ball
Response to by Martin Amm


Please take a look at the link in Patrick's intro to the Photo of the Week which can only be seen when you click on "Read Discussion".... Many people are unaware that the POW is strictly a critique forum and congrats posts are requested to be sent as an email rather than done on the thread itself. We invite you to come on back and submit a comment again but this time please tell us why you like the image... We're looking for constructive positive and/or negative points to help readers understand why a photo is a good one or not.

Dougity B
by Martin Amm

It's so bejeweled as to nearly obscure it's actual nature. If not for the spiny legs, who could tell what it was? Pretty amazing shot, for sure. I think Gordon's onto something with the cropping. Why is it that just about any photo can be cropped?

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
Response to by Martin Amm

wonderful shot, very good detail congratulations

Ken Papai
Response to by Martin Amm

Awesome crazy and alien! Wow. Such color.

I am amused tho by the lack of titles in these insane photos.

Stephan Amm
by Martin Amm

first congrats to my brother Martin :)! Gordon's crop maybe an aesthetical alternative but Martin's claim to this photograph is beeing a "nature document" no manipulation/orchestration. The dragonfly will never "sleep" in an absolute horizontal position.


gordon b
by Martin Amm An interesting observation Doug has made regarding cropping, which I however do not find to be true, at least speaking for myself. I very seldom suggest a crop.  I instinctively assume that the crop decision is an integral part of the photographs decision process and as such I try to see the image from the photographers perspective. I try to understand the crop and make it work before offering any suggestion about cropping.  Looking through Martin's folders I did not find a single insect macro that had been visibly cropped, the aspect ratio  appears to be straight out of the camera. While I respect his decision to offer up his images as documents and I will say that his in-camera cropping  and resulting composition is quite good ,  many of his macros are just screaming to be cropped in order to make for better composed photographs. What they may gain as documents they loose as photographs. That having been being said I do like the fact that Martin is a purest and it reflects positively in his macro work. Given the amount of complaining I do about the proclivity of so many photographers to try to  software manipulate bad photography into passable " art " I  do feel a need to state how refreshingly honest Martins images are. Getting a good image at the time is paramount. Whether or not a purists approach allows cropping or rotation afterward is secondary.

Bill Tate
Response to by Martin Amm

When I viewed this absolutely striking image a few days ago, I looked for a crop too, and found it. The same one that Gorden found. However, I didn't see turning the image 90 degrees as he did. Excellent idea. I do feel that the original artist did crop. Whether in the camera or in production, I don't know. I feel too, that it was too tightly cropped at that point, cutting off the feet, and if done in the camera, it did not allow diagonal views as well as the horizontal, as Gordon suggests, or the original vertical. It might have been even more attractive in some other pose.

That issue aside, it is a technical wonder and one of the most eye catching inages I have seen in a long time.

Willie the Cropper

gary ross
by Martin Amm

I think it's about time you treated yourself to a nice new 105m Nikkor. Be really great to see what you can do with it.
Truly amazing shot. look like it's frozen in time.

Tom Meyer
by Martin Amm

"just about any photo can be cropped"... that doesn't mean that every photo should be cropped.

I prefer the original composition. It nicely fits into a frame laid out according to the Golden Mean.

The square frame is also nicely balanced, but it contradicts the nature of the subject (and the subtle effects of gravity on the water droplets). The suggested new composition is non-sensible (disconcerting) and requires the subject to be considered primarily as an abstract form, which works against the startling authenticity of the image... t

Javier Martinez
by Martin Amm

This picture is stunning, but for me what makes it really special are te drops in the eyes, with the diferents enlargements and angles of the compound structure of the eye. The rest of the picture, even being impresive is "normal", I mean that is more or less easy to find other pictures similar, if you use to look insects macros. But these eyes are the most beautiful I remember. Congratulations.

Peter Brent
by Martin Amm

I'm really sorry guys, but I just cannot get as excited as everyone else. Yes, of course technically it is very impressive. However, in terms of composition it is only good. To put it a very British way, it reminds me of an eccentric old aunt with a tea cosy on her head! Don't get me wrong, it is better than anything I have taken, but I think it lacks overall form. 5/5

Walter Strong
by Martin Amm

Its a stunningly UNIQUE image. There's been a lot of great macro work posted on PN but this has got to take the prize for uniqueness. The only criticism I can add is that perhaps (and I do emphasize "perhaps") it would benefit from a bit more saturation.

Walter Strong
by Martin Amm

Let's see if I can show you what I mean.

Marc G.
by Martin Amm

If one wants to nit-pick, perhaps the cut leg at the bottom is not ideal in terms of composition etc, but well, with such an amazing subject matter - and wonderful drops and colors - which no additional saturation, imo -, what more is really needed... Very nice photo ! Congrats.

Vadim Arshavsky
by Martin Amm

A truly stunning photo, has been in my favorites folder for long time. I have to admit though that I like a slightly more saturated colors as well.

Keith Aldrich
by Martin Amm

I love the color on this little bug. This has to be one of the best macro shots I have seen, I really like how the little dew drops all over it magnify parts of it even more. Amazing.

Steven F
by Martin Amm

I have to shake my head when I read that "Post processing is necessary to get good photos." My own experience has told me that is not the case. Based on what has been posted about Martin and this photo and others he has on photo.net it should be clear anyone that post processing is not necessary to get good to excellent results.

To get good result it has become clear to me that putting some effort into it before the photo is taken is the key. Martin has clearly learned when (early in the morning in the fall) is the best time to take macros of insects. He also has trained his eyes to notice the small details most of us overlook every day. He has clearly learned how to get the most out of his camera and lenses. All of his photos I have see are as sharp as it can get. Post sharpening would probably not have done much. While I disagree with him on the ethics of cropping, I don't think it would have done anything for this photo or many of his others and I respect his decision.

Martin, I wish I was as good as you!

Andrew Campbell
by Martin Amm

Steve. I agree, what you do with your equipment in the field plays the major role. But if you're shooting in RAW format post processing is necessary. And if you're shooting in JPEG post processing may or may not be necessary depending on your camera settings.
Walter: The amount of saturation, etc. is dependent on the photographer's interpretation. Only he/she knows what the conditions were like at that particular moment in time and at that location.
This image is perfect as is.

Giuseppe Barbesino
by Martin Amm

While the results are beautiful, i have to doubt the truth of the dew. i have never seen small drops like this on a live animal. it does look like glycerol or similar. please comment.

Matt Fahrner
by Martin Amm

Absolutely an amazing picture. Great work. My best friend wants this lens now. I assume it was reverse mounted?

Rey Sabio
by Martin Amm

I just kept glancing at your intriguing picture while browsing p.n home page for the past two weeks. Finally, I looked closer and found the details. Am wide eyed and couldn't say more. All praises were expressed. I agree with most comments.
Though the composition was not according to the rule, the legs lead us viewers toward the focal point. Post-cropping is not necessary here as time was spent already editing before the shutter was pressed. The added saturation diminishes the natural pastel-like original colors unnatural to dawns and dusks.
I envy you Martin just as I am about to upload my first photos in the internet. You prevent me from showing off. I fall short of your high skills and unique opportunitites notwithstanding quality equipment and standards.

Philip Klinger
by Martin Amm

@Giuseppe: As I personally know Martin and his photographic skills/know-how for a long time now, I can give you a 100% guarantee that there is nothing manipulated, faked or anything else concerning the drops. These are 100% pure morning dew drops and they really can be unbelievable small. In the end it's nothing else than fog getting caught by smallest hairs and other body parts of the insect. You can't really see it just with your eyes, you need some macro or enlarging optics.

Peter Barnes
by Martin Amm

While I have no problems about cropping my own photos in an effort to improve them, I do not agree that the crop above does improve this beauty. The suggested increased saturation makes the image initially more eye-catching, but the original somehow invites me in and encourages me to look longer. Superb!

Martin Amm
~water magnifier~ portrait of a red veined darter, which is full of dew thanks for viewing and rating

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