"And the Light Came into the World"

by Kelly Landrum

and the light came into world seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Wednesday 28th of November 2007 06:54:42 AM


Landrum Kelly
Well, Janet, since I wrote the above, I see that you are not across the mountains, but right up the road into them from here. Love your documentaries of people, especially mountain people. Great work! --Lannie

Joseph Popper

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. Bill, nice to hear from you. We are going to have 78-degree weather in a couple of days! It's supposed to get up to 67 today. --Lannie

W J Gibson

Len Marriott
It's you Landrum, he's talkin' to YOU ! Landrum, You're killing me with your forecast. Here, (Barrie, On.) it's a high of 35F with the good chance of going lower, with snow. :-( This one is arguably a tad oversaturated though you wouldn't want to mess with the colour balance. As is, it gives the impression of a sunny Sunday morning with the sun beaming through stained glass. Very animated capture; love to hear what his message is. (Or, sinner that I am, maybe I wouldn't :-) ) Excellent timing. Fine composition. Best, LM

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Len. Nice to hear from you. Well, the weather is not always this outrageously warm, but what we would give for some precipitation: the reservoirs are drying up! Thanks for the comments on the photo. The message was a very creative interpretation of the story of Noah (which was pretty creative to begin with, I thought), and was actually quite entertaining. Near the end, he was actually jumping up and down, but I never managed to catch him in mid-air. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Janet. A for your allusions to mountains, I have lived in the Andes (Quito, Ecuador) and hiked in the Rockies, but I still love the North Carolina mountains for what they are: soft and beautiful. I love it over where you are, too--and even more, actually. I wish that I were up on Tennent Mountain in the Shining Rock Wilderness this very minute, or up on Mount Hardy or looking down on Cullowee from the Balsams. These little hills on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge do not match what you have over there, but they are picturesque. --Lannie

Janet Cull - Western NC
I love his liveliness! I'm enjoying looking through all your portfolio. I especially like all the rolling greens in the first folder!

Kateřina Maříková

Love the power, that comes from this picture! I am not sure if I should be scared, pleased, blessed or just smiling.. :)


Landrum Kelly
"And the Light Came into the World" Made during a performance of "God's Trombones" at Livingstone College. Thanks for viewing.


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