Saugus, Massachusets - Saugus River - Atlantic Ocean. At the top is the Town of Nahant. At the bottom is Saugus Center.

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

saugus massachusets river atlantic ocea seeking critique harrington usa massachusetts j

Gallery: Aerial Photos Saugus, Massachusett Photographer

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Category: Landscape

Published: Saturday 30th of March 2002 06:30:30 PM


Guy Brodeur
Very nice view!

Not Here
Americana... looks like a great place to me! Well, as nice as it can be up Nawth :-)... Mike

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Where I've spent 95+% of my life Saugus, MA, This photo shows the neighborhood I lived in when I was born, (just above the jh at the bottom of the image) It shows the neighborhood I live and in now (high center, right side) and it shows the factory in Lynn I've spent the last 30 years working in. (to the left of the bridges near the top.) At the very top is Nahant Massachusetts and the Atlantic Ocean.

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