JP E51

by Peri John

jp e nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Saturday 30th of March 2002 05:09:00 PM


Larry Cameola
JP E51 Another great one I like your style. Larry Cameola

A. Smythe
Amish Beauty That was my 1st reaction to this photo. If I had the privilege of photographing an Amish girl, I would want at least ONE of the photos to look like this one. The photo speaks both of beauty and modesty. The modifications to this photo contribute wonderfully to the over-all affect. Top marks for this.

Jerry Matchett
This is one of yours that is among my favorites John. Beautifully done!

Andrew Gale
Solarization You did a great job on this one. Love the position of her arms and her stare.

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