L.A. Disney Concert Hall

by Downs Jim

la disney concert hall seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: N. America - USA - So. California

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Architecture

Published: Sunday 25th of November 2007 06:25:04 AM


Jim Downs
I recreated the jpeg and replaced the original image that had the noisy sky. I also darkened up the darkest triangle so that no detail is discernable.

Pierre Dumas
Pity that there's some technical imperfection on the sky especially! Otherwise it would have been excellent! PDE

Joseph Popper
So well seen. A fine image. Regards...

the sky may be imperfect but I love this anyway; fantastic lines and sweeping curves. regards, cb :-)

Cherlyn .
Very fine & nice architecture shot with smooth flowing lines & good interplay of angles & sharpes.

beautiful! I rated it 6/6 before so if I add a 1/1 will that make 7/7? (and who's the fool who rated it 3/3?) cb :-)

Jim Downs
L.A. Disney Concert Hall Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this would work better if I darkened up the already dark triangle in the lower left thereby rendering the barely visible details invisible? Suggestions welcome. Or, does it make any difference?

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