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by Peri John

j e glamour fine art artistic nude photography portrai peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Saturday 30th of March 2002 01:22:48 PM


Dow Morris
Side profiles. It would be nice to see some side and backside profiles of this model, both clothed, and otherwise. I'm suggesting this as a figure study; and she does have a perfect figure for it! Dow

Nem W. Schlecht
Hmm.. others have rated a little lower on originality. I like the diagonal, but not the black bars on just the sides. I think the bars are good, but should be on the top & bottom as well, like a frame with a crooked hole. Otherwise, great expression on the model!

John Peri
Thanks Hal. It's a mirror image, so I think that the carpet and the dark settee are probably ok. What I find distracting though is the shelf by her legs. Too late I'm afraid !

Johannes Felten
7/7 Excellent.

Ray Fraser
Floor Tiles What is she standing on? Is that some kind of resolution chart? How high are you when you test resolution?

John Peri
Sounds like a very good idea but I don't "test resolution".

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