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Published: Friday 23rd of November 2007 12:41:01 AM


A.K. Sircar
In classical mould,John.

Tore Nilsson
I just love this one great composition and greyscale. The model looks like a top model and you have captured her well. Cheers Tore

John Peri
He he .. she is .. ! Thanks Tore ...

John Peri
Gracias amigo.

Jim Phelps
John, Beautiful image of beautiful woman. I echo glenwood's desire.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful documentary expression

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Just excellent! 7/7

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition and model pose.Perfect light and brom color tone.Congratulations John.7/7.

Yiorgos Stavropoulos
John, for me also this photo is excellent and everything in it is perfect. Congrats!!!

Glenwood Sherry
Beautiful... John, A very beautiful capture of a very beautiful woman. For once, I will be brief:I wish that I had shot it. Very well done, my friend. Glenwood

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent expression and the eyes. Lovely casual approach. Nice effective lightings. Rgds.

Amador Ruiz Rodriguez
Hola John: Precioso retrato, y no solmenate por la belleza de la modelo, sino porque tu has logrado transmitir esa belleza en una imagen lleza de calidad con un buen encuadre, y una gama de grises sensacional. SaludosHello John: Beautiful portrait, and non solmenate for the model's beauty, but because your you have been able to transmit that beauty in an image lleza of quality with a good alignment, and a range of gray sensational. Greetings

Olga Kont
It's one of my favorite of your works! Excellent emotional expression of the picture!

Jill Vahlquist
I really like this portrait.... Great pose and the hair is excellent... Beautiful black and white color tones to.... Very Good portrait... Best Regards, Jill

John Peri
Casual Portrait .. of a friend ..

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