JP E36

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 29th of March 2002 06:49:00 PM


Dow Morris
Too skinny. I like the idea, but the models are too skinny. Once you're past 20 a woman should really begin to gain some weight. They need about 5lbs each at least, assuming they're under 5'8". Sorry, but I'm tired of women being under weight, but maybe it's just the photo that makes them seem so.

John Peri
Dow, she's a ballerina. She is going to be just so pleased with your remark ...! Jokes apart though, this is not a beauty contest and, with all respect, I really don't think that we should be concerned with what the models look like or whether they are thin or fat. I think that we should judge each others' photos on their merit, and not be concerned with who is in them or whether they appeal to us or not. It can also be embarrassing sometimes for the models when they read these comments.

Dow Morris
A redemptive comment. :-) Point taken. However, my comment also points to asthetic which is part of what we critique. Looking at your other contributions, I'm guessing that I'm seeing her in some of your other photos where her astheticly pleasing lean figure is more in perspective. The black marterial in this photo serves to exaggerate her lithe figure. Besides, I have a soft spot for ballerinas, they come by their beauty by remarkable strength and hard work, not artifice.

John Peri
Nicely said Dow.

Michael Andrew
This is a wonderful image. Very creatively posed. I find the comments regarding the build of the models to be irrelevent to the artistic treatment.

Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the symmetry and asymmetry in this foto. It gives the foto an abstract look. I also like the lighting and contrast. In particular the way both model's hair fades into the background. Kudos to both you and the models.

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