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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 16th of November 2007 02:19:21 PM


Glenwood Sherry
Interesting version... John, An interesting version that works on some levels for me, and not others. I like the left side crop; you did not need all the left leg in frame. Glad that you got rid of the towel, floor and doorway. What I have a problem with is your cropping off her face; all that is left is lean muscle and breasts. She is a beautiful woman, very expressive, and you lose most of the connection between the subject and the viewer. A minor issue the complete blackness of the backgound; her right knee seems to be floating out in mid-air. maybe you could shade the lower edges a little. (Her left arm seems fine with the shadowing). Anyway, my friend, my 2 cents worth. She is such a remarkable subject, and the capture unique, that it is worth playing with it some. Glenwood

John Peri
Hy Glenwood, nice of you to notice this (I didn't post it for critique). Actually, I just wanted to add it to my "figure studies" file for reference and did not expect any comments. That said, they are most valuable, thank you. Why not add the eyes in fact, you are right .. I did try but for some reason, I skipped over it, maybe simply in order for the image to fit into my file which is impersonal ... largely just body parts .. yes, the floating leg is problematic, whereas in the original it made more sense on the dark towel. I'll try the shading but I'm not very good at that .. .. yes, the subject is divine in every sense. Lives not far away, we are friends, will be taking lots more ... not to mention the masses of photos I haven't even looked at that we took together over the summer .. to return to filing .. I have no means at home of viewing all my work grouped together like this on one page .. PN is most useful for that ... another advantage also being of course that you can refer it to others by mail. Postcriptum: .. this image is about 40% of the original frame, the first one having been cropped already. Someone said that the original shot was not in focus or lacked detail (http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6633299 ) ... :-) ... actually, as you can see above it is surprisingly sharp and detailed, though my zoom lens is pretty mediocre really. Ha, just bought myself a fixed 50 mm lens. Hope it will do better ... but I've only tested it once so far with evening sitting room light. The results were grainly and it's hard to judge the crispness ... thanks again Glenwood. Need I add how much I value your interest and advice.

Thomas Collins
John, I am intrigued by the crop you have selected here. Yes, we all know that she is a beautiful young lady and her eyes certainly capture the soul of the viewer, however I believe what you were going after here was a purposeful detachment and in that regard you have suceeded well. Her figure is divine and can easily consume one's entire focus alone. The blackness of the background separates her well. This is a nice way to enjoy my Saturday morning with my coffee. Thanks my friend! Thomas

Cristiano Gentile
beautiful photos

Jim Phelps
John, The majority of this folder is very formal, and much of it reminds me of Weston, probably because cutting off the head was typical for him. For me, this changes the "feel" of the image. It becomes more of a study in form, an abstract if you will, than it would if the head is included. You have not gone quite that far in most of these images, I still get a significant emotional impact from the mouth and the wet skin. Jim

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