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Published: Thursday 28th of March 2002 08:58:09 PM


Noah Bryant
WOnderful Image!

hool _
Aesthetics 6, Originality 4 the face looks overexposed and the lips seem garishly red. this may or may not have been the look you're going for. it doesn't work for me. she looks sick, but not in an interesting or engaging way.

Ozkan Uner
Great How can you get this white body against deep red lips, without harsh shadows? Is it just about the model or a special technique, it doesnt seem like cross processing though?

Hany Musallam
Does'nt look as if she was posing! Very sensitive, attractive, and make's oneself curious of the situation.

Shel Schipper
Aesthetics 7, Originality 8 Very gothic

Dow Morris
Ah, she is a redhead after all. This is in reference to a comment on another photo. I'm still in love. That is as complimentary to the photographer as to the model. Camerartus@yahoo.com

Tony Samples
John, whatever you did to her eyes is an absolute work of art. This image has a contrast and color appeal that I'd love to believe I can capture in my own portraits someday.

John Peri
Let's just say that she's a great model, but I really think that we should keep the subject on the photos here and not who is posing for them, though of course I know Dow that you mean well.

M. Ort
Amazing vivid and intense colors! Softness works well here. Excellent pose, expression and crop. I think I'll give you 10/10!

K. Adams
how'd ya do it? Seems like there's more to this than meets the eye. Digitally altered? Special developing, or just great lighting?

John Peri
Sure I used PS. Unfortunately I never remember which buttons I pushed on though!

thomas breazeale
Great image John!One of my favorites in your portfolio...the red hair against that milky white skin is stunning.

John Peri
Sounds expensive Barry! I have never been in a studio by the way. My pictures are all taken outdoors or indoors with flash.

Barry Fisher
John, your doing all these great in-studio shots and it seems to be the main focus of your work. Why don't you get a Hasselblad or other medium format and up it all a notch?? You would love the results.

Barry Fisher
See how good you are? But really, whether you call it a studio or your living room, you get studio like effects in your photos. Yeah the Hassy's are expensive, and you would use an off camera strobe with it, and maybe that would inhibit your shooting. But the larger neg sure is sweet and they scan very well. If you could trade or sell off stuff for it that you're not using might not be a bad idea. Maybe you could rent one and see if you like it. Its a little differnt than your 35, maybe you'd like....or not:)

Art Meripol
like the rest of your work... this one is just a stunner. Your work would make any woman happy to be in front of your lens. You capture feminine beauty perfectly. I'd love to have seen this exact, I mean EXACT shot done with the only change that her eyes cut up to meet the viewer.

John Peri
Thank you Art. If I find the original, I'll post it here, but it's been some time now ...

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