Western Corner IV (sepia)

by Kelly Landrum

western corner iv sepia seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: House That Could Not Stand

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Published: Monday 12th of November 2007 11:17:49 AM


Glenwood Sherry
Interesting... Lannie, An interesting series; I like seeing the progression of your ideas about framing this scene. Personally, in one respect, I think that this one is the weakest, and had been getting weaker as you went along. I liked the sense of openness that had been on the right; the open, barren field would reinforce the sense of abandonment. Plus, the two diagonal shadows have no context; without the roof in the scene one is left with wondering just where the shadows came from. You could also take an opposite tack: Crop to an elongated image, stopping at the sills, and ending at the right edge of the house, eliminating all sense of context, and focusing only on the textural qualities of the subject. All in all, a cool resource to mine... Glenwood

Landrum Kelly
You're probably right, Glenwood. I haven't had any real sense of making this better, although I have tried. Your suggested crop is worth trying. Thanks for stopping by. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Liz. I, too, am sorry that I did not (to my knowledge) get the entire house from this angle. I did get the entire house from other angles. I rather like the sepia myself as well. --Lannie

Liz Weisiger
Hey, Lannie. You know how I love your images from the south, especially the old house thing you have going on. I think I like the sepia tone of this house better than BW. I jut feel it's more authentic with that tone. I wish the top of the house had been shown though. In my childhood memory, I feel like old houses then were all in sepia, at least that's how I remember. Your photos make me feel a connection to them, technically incorrect or otherwise, I love them. Regards, liz

Landrum Kelly
Western Corner IV Critiques welcome.


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