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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Ruud Albers
A lovely shot, Jeff!

Micki F.
Oh before I saw the title I thought of PENSIVE! WOW! I love the white around her face it brings us back to her gorgeous brown eyes! they just wait to challeng you. The eyes tell so much. Her soft skin is almost like a fine refined doll.

mario lupo
G`Day from the land of Oz , Jeff Beautiful portrait, a charming and original capture. Best regards

JeffS L
Thank you everyone For generous thoughts, comments, and ratings. I'm going to hop over to your ports to see what you all are up to.

Laurent Jaussi
What a delicate portrait and expresion you have captured here Jeff...I can imagine some years from now in the future when she'll realize how much love and energy you've put into capturing her child image...simply priceless...

Michael Meneklis
Soft, sweet and tender. Bravo Jeff. Very nice portrait my friend.

A.K. Sircar
Excellent portrait,Jeff. She is pensive,but I feel she is in a contemplative mood.Very good cropping,exposure and skin tone.

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition.Very good light.Jeff - my best regards.Janusz.

JeffS L
It's Hard... ...to keep up with thank-you's. I greatly appreciate all the nice comments and suggestions. This is a moment of stillness in an otherwise whirlwind, 3 year-old existence. I'm glad you all liked this.

Photo Fun
Lovely image...

Photis Santamouris
7/7. All the money!I'm glad you're back in the critique forum with a wonderful capture.Both sensitive and meaningful.

Ade Olumide
Jeff Been a while, friend. Hope all's well with you. Marvellous shot here. There's such a sense of what i'll simply term 'quiet strength' emanating from this shot, as if she's thinking "Whatever it is...........I'll get through it". A beautifully captured moment in time that exudes such character and personality for such a little one. Regards, -Ade

Glauco Dattini
Ciao Jeff! You captured a very interesting and meaningful expression. Moreover shot technically perfect. Best regards. Glauco

Lauren Partida
Lovely Image...don't change anything..lauren partida

Mary Dineen
wonderful portrait, jeff. she does appear to be weighing the pros and cons of some intended action. mary

Adan Wong
Some pictures don't need any comments to convey their universal meaning. You triumphantly captured this expression eloquently and touchingly. You are a true artist my friend. My hats off to you.

Tony Hadley
6/6 Anon.

Cherlyn .
Good close-up crop on her pensive look.

Sorin Vidis
Good close-up portrait....excellent expression....very well done.... Best regards drop by...

Chuck Turner
Very nice. Good lighting. To me having a little cropped off the right side would improve the composition. A little more sharpness around her left eye would be good too.

Dave Hollander
What a wonderful photo! The tone and focus are perfect--great capture!

Jack McRitchie
We think alike; when I saw the thumbnail, "pensive" was exactly the word that sprang to mind. Nicely handled.

Dr Kevin Mills
moments in time Just think Jeff, when we were kids our fathers could never have caught pictures like this of us. One day your children will look back at all your wonderful snapshots in time, beautiful uncontrived portraits of how they were, and remember their father. They will remember these pictures being taken, just, but they will remember them, and when they look back at them as adults so they will remember you. When they have children of their own, only then will they see you in another light, just how much you cared and how much you loved them. So please keep taking them old friend because as they are inspiring and beautiful to us who will never know them, in many decades to come they will mean so much more to your children and perhaps your children's children. Keep shooting Maestro, Best wishes, Kevin

Antanas Strazdas
7/7 Stunning portrait, perfectly done!

Pnina Evental
Very nice crop Jeff. Leading our eyes to the exact point of her beautiful " talking" ( pensive) eyes. very good light and skin tones.You really do wonders with her .

Alberto Quintal
Hi! WOW! The kind of pictures I love, this is beautiful, Jeff, 7/7. Best regards. Alberto

Donna S
Your portraits are wonderful treasures. She'll be lucky to have this and others when she grows up. Beautiful daughter, talented father, exquisite photograph.

Nassos Zambaras
Outstanding work, Jeff! (7/7 if system allowed..)

Margaret Woodall-Shark
Ah, those rare childhood moments-then, boom, they are off and running again. Delightful.

Roger Leekam
Another fine portrait of your star model. Just a perfect pensive expression. Excellent skin tones.

Alex Koutsalexis
A risky high angle shot perfectly managed. Ciao, Alx

Tolo Duran
Bellisimo retrato.Magnifico encuadre y sensacional mirada,con una luz y tonos excelentes. Un cordial saludo -Tolo.

Mehmet Akin
Hello very good portrait..congrats

David Orea
Lovely portrait, Jeff. Perfect caption for her beautiful expression. Excellent shot! Regards!

Floriana Barbu
What a sweet pose, great crop and so well done.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Catching lightening in a bottle This shot, taken in the context of the rest of your pictures of your daughter, is not just a "cute" childhood picture, but a moment of reflection and depth that appears at first blush to belie her age and life experiences, yet having spent time with both children, I'm sure you notice these genuine moments, when they take leave of their assigned role as children and morph into something deeper, more interesting, and almost eternal, like a reflection from an earlier existence. The technical aspects of this shot, to me, is less interesting as the capture itself.

Artur Nogueira
Well Jeff, you know how I am. Great capture, great expression, would make a stunning BW ( see what I meant ? ) Cheers.

Teresa Zafon
Wonderful portrait!. I love it.

Artur Nogueira
Ah ah Jeff...thanks for the BW version my friend, this color one is fantastic, the BW...stunning. Great work, Jeff, eitherway

Joseph Popper
Jeff: I just saw your attached b&w version -- equally lovely. Regerds, Joe

baogiang tran
she looks so cute Jeff welldone!!!!

Alberta P.
Ditto all the above Plus I want those eyelashes! Just like a doll. Bravo on this exceptional portrait. Cheers -

Biswajit Pandey
Jeff Beautiful portrait, apt title. Regards

Susan Stone
Being the grandmother of five, almost six, beautiful children, is one of my delights so of course I couldn't resist this wonderful portrait of such a charming child. She does look "pensive", the world is a big confusing place when you're only three but I'm sure with your love and guidence she'll grow into a wise woman. I like the way you've "cropped" the image as it keeps my focus on that lovely little face....how sweet.

Joseph Popper
Such beautful eyes and lashes. What a face! Lovely portrait...

andy T
Jeff, you're doing a very fine job in cretaive portraiture. Very well done!

Adela Hriscu
7/7 ooooh my favorite girl:))) what can i say...UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL!

Robert Pihlar
Oh my God. I have no words. My note says everything.

JeffS L
Thanks Again Your comments have been so fun to read, and it makes the experience of posting so enjoyable. I really appreciate it.

Andrea Allison
Absolutely Lovely Jeff! You certainly caught a wonderful expressive moment! Kindest Regards Andrea

JeffS L
Artur Per your request, here's the B&W version.

Linda Davidson
One of the things I love about your work Jeff is that it is all so natural and spontaneous, you are so good at capturing those precious little moments that make life wonderful. I can't remember seeing one photo from you that looked contrived. I love this sweet little face with the dark wisps of hair. Absolutly beautiful! I looked at some of the comments from your other fans. I don't know what else I could add.

Markku Salonen
Jeff, You must know by now that I'm not any portrait shooter, nor do I comment or rate portraits, but after seeing this a couple of times I just can't help myself expressing my admiration, the sheet tender intimacy oozing from this capture breaks my heart. You surely have a rich life as a father, Jeff. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations.

Kirk Dietrich
Great capture Jeff, I like the tones and her solemness. The b&w is really good too. I like that her hair splits her eyes and doesn't cover one or the other. Kirk

Prabhas Roy
Hi Jeff, Simply great shot, by the way who is this angel?

Maria Hrabinska
Very beautiful and impressive portrait,Jeff. regards,maria

Shuki Laufer
Sweet and wonderful portrait Jeff,very sensitive captured,best regards

JeffS L
Pensive Comments/suggestions welcome.

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