Pedophilia in the Animal Kingdon (caution - possibly offensive or disturbing to viewer)

by Downs Jim

pedophilia in the animal kingdon caution possibl molestation gazelles seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Wildlife & Birds

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Category: Nature

Published: Saturday 10th of November 2007 09:52:32 PM


Dennis Jones
Fasanating capture...does pose a wierd question or two....

Jim Downs
Molestation of a Newborn Gazelle When we came upon this newborn gazelle and its mother, our guide estimated that it was less then three hours old. The baby became momentarily separated from its mother and this young buck instantaneously tried to mount the child. The mother returned seconds later and the buck quickly retreated. This image documents the fact that child molestation occurs in at least one species in addition to humans. Likewise, for me it raises the question of how many other species indulge in this behavior? And, are young animals wounded pschycologically in the way young humans are when the behavior occurs?

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