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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Jim Phelps
John, I agree completely with Glenwood. Also, B&W works extremely well here. Jim

Joe Gallagher
John, Your title expresses it well. For me, I am not sure the title was even necessary. The picture says it. Your prompt of what she may ask for, or Glennwood's suggestion of an offer to get a pillow, or my thought that she may just need the light dimmed and be left alone for awhile, or all of those things, tell us that the picture works; she and it speak to us. Another immaginative colaboration between a beautiful and sensitive model and the artist. Thanks for sharing your work.

Michael Meneklis

Alon Eshel
The color tone and light work are so beautiful

Thomas Collins
Hmmm... seems to me that your really getting the hang of this artistic glamour interest of yours John. This is a lovely moment in time captured with an elegance that is truly by itself. Well done my friend!

John Peri
Thank you Joe, that is very gracious of you.

Sweid Sideris
Devastating. And how are different our subjective visions. For me the title is perfect. Meanwhile I don't like the heels. But this is just even more subjective if it could be. A naked or semi-naked woman at first should have naked feet. Nothing more sensual than naked feet. At all, as I told you. Devastating.

John Peri
Many thanks Les, and I do sympathize with the importance one may wish to give to the title. I guess it is ultimately rather subjective. To me this image brings to mind a state of exhaustion followed by the relaxation and unwinding that are in process ... soft music, a wine of glass in preparation ..

Glenwood Sherry
Beautiful, and interesting... John, Beautiful, and interesting how each of us brings own feelings to this image, proving that when it comes to a beautiful woman, no one is a dispassionate observer. Shoes? No shoes? For me, I want to get her a pillow. But for all that, and whatever the title, a beautiful image of a stunning person. All the best, Glenwood

Janusz Taras
Excellent work John.7/7.Best regards.Janusz.

Alberto Quintal
I love it, excellent, 7/7, John. Alberto

Glenwood Sherry
John, The comments received on this image just reinforce the first of the chestnuts about art: Mediocre art invites you not to think; great art invites you to think your own thoughts. The fact that so many photographers approach your work with so many different emotions, so many different ideas, so many different interpertations, you are certainly on the right path with your art. The second old saying: Great thought (and art) is reached not by consenus, but by disagreement. Having a great number of reviewers say "How nice" looks wonderful in the final tally, but it is the passion that an image ilicits that makes it memorable, and sets it apart from the vast sea of blandness that threatens to envelop us. Love your work; or hate it. One cannot ignore it. And that is high praise indeed. Your friend, Glenwood

Les Berkley
Purely as an artifact, this is very beautiful, pose toning, expression and framing. I even like that she is still wearing her heels! My only question is about the title. There is a good deal of tension here, which I find inconsistent with the ideal of exhaustion. Otherwise, a lovely study in form and texture.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
Thumbs Up! ... I like the toning of this, John... the angle.... warm regards

John Peri
Sundown and exhaustion .. A somewhat intimate but yet sensitive portrait of a deeply expressive woman ..

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