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by Peri John

cropped version nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 8th of November 2007 10:58:48 PM


John Peri
Thank you all. It's a relatively busy picture, but it's just a candid shot ... what a friend on this site frequently refers to in my work as a "snapshot". Not that I consider snapshot to be pejorative. Some of the most memorable photos of all time have been snapshots !

Janusz Taras
Great composition.Perfect light and model pose.Excellent atmosphere.Best regards John.Janusz.

Steve Lamplugh
Absolutely stunning!! Perfect!!!!

Les Berkley
Beautiful girl, well-captured expression, excellent skin tone. IMO, the appliance, computer or whatever it is above her left knee is a problem. I do like the way the blond wood compliments her skin.

Ian Verve
WONDERFUL!! great model John and your work with her is breathtaking :)

João Pereira de Lacerda Filho
John Just wonderful. colors composition, and the model is a very pretty lady. CONGRATULATIONS.

Michael Meneklis
Excellent use of light with soft shadows in a very beautiful composition.

Sorin Vidis
Really good colours and exposure....girlish play.... Best regards Drop by...

florian r.
it's interesting to see her ageing. i don't know if this is good or bad, but it's very interesting to look, honestly. thanks for sharing this John Peri.

Al Ungar
What a beauty Great image, makes one smile. She is a beauty !!!

Glenwood Sherry
Charming... John, A very charming "snapshot"! I love the spontaneity of the moment, the casualness of the pose, and the immediacy of the surroundings. The beauty of shots like this is in the naturalness of the model in her setting. The model is very beautiful, with the most stunning of eyes. It will be a delight to watch her mature, and to see how you cature those moments. All the best, Glenwood

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful! John, lovely model and excellent work. Alberto

Bob Kurt
Superb !

Stig P
I also enjoy the snapshot feeling of this image as described above. The authenticity of the photo is excellent, I also enjoy a real image without too much retouch, like here with a small scar on her knee still present, too often today photos are retouched beyond good taste, showing a model with plastic fake skin.. this is a real capture of a real beauty. kind rgds Stig

Michael Murchie
Excellent "snapshot"! Nice and casual, great eye contact from your model. Very relaxed. But then again I dont think I have seen a bad shot of this model yet. It is a "busy" image but the skin tones and great light compliment the print of the fabric and the background nicely. Cheers Mike

John Warner
That's sexy!

Maurizio Guarino

Great composition.Perfect light and model pose!! 6

John Peri
Casual portrait .. ..of a young lady ..

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