Gabriela at the pool.

by Funke Stephan

gabriela at the pool seeking critique funke stephan

Gallery: Sebesviz - 2 ( 2002)

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 6th of November 2007 10:56:55 PM


Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Wonderfully serene and graceful image.

Lamar McInnis, Sr.
Gabriela at the pool I love everything about it. This is a classy, well done, fine arts image. Even though the model is nude, the image is so tastefully posed and is presented in such pensive, detached manner that it becomes only art and not at all about arousing prurient interests. The darker shading at the edges focus ones eyes on the subject, and the shroud of light gently bathes only her and the immediate background. The pool is not readily identifiable, but it doesn't matter since the image is so entrancing with subtle tones, textures, and contrasts. My compliments to the artist and the model as each did the job with perfection.

Ken Barrett
Great shot, first calss B&W work

Ilia Panfilov

Stephan Funke
To answer Sean's question: The b/w negative was scanned with Epson flatbed scanner at 3200 dpi. Stephan.

Pansa Sunavee
7/7 Great shot.

Sean Depuydt
Excellent tones. Is this a print or neg scan. Two thumbs up! - Sean


Sean Depuydt
Thanks for the info Stephan. Excellent work here. - SEan

Raymond Borg
A great classic shot. The lighting and tones makes this photo a fine art tasteful nude. Well done.

Stephan Funke
Gabriela Thank you for your time.

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