by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 6th of November 2007 11:29:49 AM


Atanu Ghosh
superb tones...very innovative posture...

Sweid Sideris
And this is a very interesting nude study based on triangular structure for the composition. Several triangles (inside arms profiles, legs against the floor) and the subtle short diagonal of her arms and breasts. Mysterious and captivating facial expression. Your unmistakable signature on the final result.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent work. Nice perspective in B/W. Like it.

Alec Ee
Stunning.........body and pose.

Pascal Agneray
nice John.

Michael Meneklis
77 BRAVO This is an excellent pose with amazing tones John. I like very much your scenographie.

Alon Eshel
Very theatrical scene , It's really beautiful

John Peri
Thank youy Carlo. Maybe I should have searched around for a better example. This image is lacking in definition in parts, especially around the hairline. But I'm glad that you relate to the force that can be exuded in the triangular configuration of a nude study.

pepe alias boulette
amazing triangle

Glenwood Sherry
Amazing... John, What an amazing image! Triangles, huh? Got me sold. An incredible compostition, her angular energy set against the rigidity of the set. I usually am not as much of a fan of the staged look, but this one works. Very well done. Glenwood

Alberto Quintal
Hi! Excellent, pose and B&W, are perfect, John. 7/7 Alberto.

Stacy Librandi
john wrote: "This image is lacking in definition in parts, especially around the hairline." I agree and tink if you fix that it would be perfect. I love the lines and tones and comp. You have a really great photo here.

Sorin Vidis
Excellent use of primary simbols into this erotic invitation to discover ........ the woman ..... Best regards Drop by...

John Peri
I just wrote to Glenwood Sherry about my fascination with the triangular shape in nude studies, and so I got around to thinking about this once again, hence the photo. I have also previously brought up this subject with Raymond Ellstad and others ...

Janusz Taras
Perfect idea.Excellent work.Best regards John.7/7/.Janusz.

John Peri
The Triangle in nude studies .. the triangle, a force of nature ..

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