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Published: Sunday 4th of November 2007 11:00:24 AM


Thomas Collins
This image portrays a nice mixture of playfulness and sensuality. John, someday you will be able to auction off that couch of yours on E-Bay for some serious money! :-)

John Peri
Well, I don't really like answering you either, as you don't often appreciate the answers and they lead sometimes to unending discussion, but I will try once again! Not sure what you mean by the model being partially toned. I don't recollect having touched the skin tones for any reason, maybe she was sunburned!? If on the other hand you assume that I may have rendered the photo more discreet than it would otherwise have been with the model lying in this position, then of course you are free to imagine so. Other things bother me. I find the shoe too evident for example .. the hair definiton is unsatisfactory also in part, but hopefully the model and the sweet charm that she exudes may compensate in part for these failings.

John Peri
Domenico, it's grossly exagerated, but I appreciate that, thank you. It was my first session with this model and it was a moment of discovery. Sometimes these turn out to be the best photos that one takes.

Alon Eshel
Very tempting and sensual . Great b&w and light , Very slow mood

Michael Meneklis
Excellent pose and b&w rendition John. She is not only a beautiful girl but a great model.

David McCracken
Subtle Something is bothering me about this image. ('bothering' is not the right word) Don't get me wrong, it truly is very good. I am wondering why the girl is partially toned. I guess this is a stupid question as you don't like me making comments on your photos.... but I thought I would ask anyway.

Alberto Quintal
Excellent, beautiful!!! John. Alberto

pepe alias boulette
she is wonderful moody...

Domenico Gargarella
impressive sensuality and seduction mixed with a bit of shyness and genuinity. One more masterpiece! John I'm always delight and impressed with your work! regards Domenico

Jim Phelps
John, This works well in B&W. It is extremely sensual and reminds me of Jazz album covers from the 1950's. Jim Phelps

Stamoulis Theodorikas
It is difficult to rate a single photo of yours. Your work is huge and in a way you are master in your photographic field. From your work I prefer the photos that I see less and I imagine more. 6/6

John Peri
Thank you all of you. I enjoy the references to the sensuality and also Jim to the early fifties. The pose is natural and unpretentious. I think it's a particular quality of this delightful model to be herself and look at ease while doing it. Thank you Howard also. The femininity and sophistication are essentially hers, I'm privileged to record it.

Massimo Santoni
very sensual image. I love your vision of the woman's body...

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan What so often marks your work, John, is both sophistication and something genuinely feminine in the 'moment' you capture the subject. This is, once again, the case here.

David McCracken
Airport monitor I guess! Thanks John. It may be my monitor. I am accessing this from the airport. She looks pink yet the couch is definitely gray.

John Peri
Aha .. I see what you mean now ... the photo is not exactly black and white, I have indeed tainted it partly, giving it a somewhat softer and more pastel appearance ... it's not patchy or coloured on my screen but I sympathize with what a laptop or airport monitor may do with it ..

John Peri
Reclining figure ..

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