Island Town in the Andes

by Downs Jim

island town in the andes iquique lauca putre chile atacama seeking cr downs jim

Gallery: Latin America - Chile - Iquique, Arica & Putre (far north)

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Category: Landscape

Published: Sunday 4th of November 2007 06:53:07 AM


Erik Lewandowski
Very Nice capture, the pike with clouds arounded, the town in the valley with fields, great composition Jim!

Mary Dineen
beautiful shot.

Jim Downs
Island City in the Andes (please view larger) Putre sits in the NE tip of Chile along the road to Bolivia just below the pasturelands of the altiplano. The town is surrounded by a maze of steep quebrada valleys creating an "island in the sky" effect. The volcanos of the Lauca NP loom in the background.

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